Thursday 13 September 2018

Diva 30 Day Brow Tint Review and First Impressions

Hello Beauties,

Hope your all well,

I went to my local beauty salon last week my eyebrows needed threading I already had this little Diva 30 Day Brow Tint Kit but I wanted to get them threaded before I tinted them anyway while I was at the salon they asked me if I wanted a brow tint as well and out of curiosity I asked how much it was and honestly I was shocked .

The salon told me it would be £16 for both eye brow threading and a tint which is shocking for a local salon in the north west of England . I spoke to my friend on Instagram and she told me that it normally cost me £10-12 which is fine I wouldn't have actually minded paying that but £16 is a bit steep and also if you go to benefit to get your brows done it only cost £20 .

My friend also told me you could expect to pay £20 and upwards in London for the same thing I would expect it in London as everything is so much more expensive seems like the north west is trying to keep up with them .

I was just astonished as I can get my hair cut for less then £20 it only costs me £10 for a trim at my local salon.

Anyway rant over I've slightly gone off topic here I decided to politely decline at the salon and try this lovely kit that I bought 1 week prior to me getting my brows done . I tried the kit a few days after .

When I first tried the kit I really didn't think it was working I don't think I left the tint on for long enough on the first attempt once I wiped the tint off my brows only looked slightly darker so I put some more tint on and left it slightly longer and it turned out really well .

So apparently this tint lasts 30 days I will look forward to see if it still is on my eyebrows at the beginning of next month and keep you updated also you get up to 16 applications in this pack which I think is really great value .

I think the eyebrow tinting kit was only £2.99 so that is just 18p per application if you do get 16 applications that's how much salons are making charging £10 to put some tint on your brows is ridiculous .

In the kit you get the brow tint, developer lotion and a spooly to put the brow tint on with and there is a little tray to mix the tint in also .

The lighting isn't the greatest but this is what my brows look like and I really like them I am definitely going to be purchasing this brow tint kit again as I think it's great value for money.

What do you guys think have you ever tried this kit before or one like it ? How did you find it ?