Tuesday 11 September 2018

First Impressions On The Douce Palette By Juvia's Place

Hello Beauties,

For the past few days I've been using Juvia's place the douce palette out to bring you a firat impressions and what I think of this palette .

I have also took a couple of photos of the looks I created but for some reason my iPhone is taking grainy photos so they are not the best .

I went outside today and tried to get some photos of myself in natural daylight and to be honest it wasn't much better outside ,

 I love the packaging of the Juvia's place palettes I do only have 2 of Juvia's palettes so far . I think I have done a review on the Zulu palette by Juvia's palette if not that will be coming very shortly,

The Zulu Palette is another beautiful palette with great packaging but this packaging is so beautiful it reminds me of a goddess and the eye shadows in this palette are out of this world.

I would recommend Juvia's Place eyeshadows to anyone that wanted to try eyeshadow that is different and want to create some amazing colourful eye looks .

I have only tried 2 of Juvia's Place Palettes but they are amazing so pigmented and buttery like all eyeshadow palettes there can be a few inconsistencies in the palettes which I would like to talk to you all about now .

Firstly let me show you the swatches -

Lets get into my thoughts on the swatches and then I will share with you a couple of eye looks that I have created using this palette so far .

Chocolat - is an eyeshadow from this palette that I have not tried yet and I would say just on swatching this eye shadow both yesterday for when I filmed a video for you tube and today for this blog post it's the patchiest matte in the palette this has been swatched twice as I wanted to see if it would blend out . The real test will be when it's on my eyes.

I don't often wear eyeshadows that are as dark as this but it's a great alternative to black it's not as harsh and would look good on the lash line or the outer v to smoke out your eye look .
It's great that Juvia's Place put this Chocolat (brown) in the palette and I hope it blends out as well as the other matte eyeshadows in this palette .

Tart - is the first shimmer/metallic in the eyeshadow palette when you look at it in the palette it looks white but when it's on the eyelid. OMG it's a gorgeous duo chrome eyeshadow in certain lighting it looks silver then lavender it's such a beautiful eyeshadow .

This eyeshadow can be used all over the lid which I have done I will insert a photo below if I have one or just as a inner corner highlight which looks equally as beautiful .

These photos really aren't doing the eyeshadow justice trust me when I say it truly is a beautiful eyeshadow the lighting was terrible and for some reason this photo came out really grainy but I seem to have fixed the issue on my iPhone now  .

Crème - this eyeshadow is amazing I really didn't think I would like it when I saw the eyeshadow palette but I am obsessed with this eye shadow I use it every single time that I use this palette . It's so creamy and buttery and goes on your eye lids like a dream .

Normally I am not one for pink matte eyeshadows but this one has more of a peach undertone then anything else .

Macarons - OMG this is my favourite shimmer/metallic eyeshadow in the palette I am not going to lie it is a  bit gritty to the touch but it blends out so nicely and looks so nice on the eyelids and I have even used it on the lash line which also looks good .

Custard - This matte fuscia pink eyeshadow is one of those eye shadows that are so unique I actually don't think I have a eye shadow like this in my collection .

I have to admit eyeshadows like this make me a little scared to try them just because they are so bold and out there but I am really looking forward to trying this eyeshadow to see what it looks like it blends out so well as you can see on the swatch.

I was really surprised at just how well it did  blend out I've heard that red and pink eyeshadows can be patchy then other eyeshadows and the brown eyeshadow swatched very patchy so I thought I may have issued with this pink eyeshadow but it blends out like butter .

Puffs - Puff is another shimmer/metallic in the palette it's a really nice frosted pink eyeshadow and I really do like it . What I don't like is the fact that it's really flaky but you can definitely work with this eyeshadow so it's fine .

Berry Mousse - I love this matte brown it's a really nice transition eyeshadow . I normally use this eyeshadow first and then go in with Crème in the crease and it looks really beautiful and natural .
Berry Mousse is just like Crème very creamy blends out really well they are 2 gorgeous mattes that work well with this eyeshadow palette and you could also use them with other eyeshadow palettes in your collection.

Mont Blanc - Ok so I hate to be a party pooper and i'm certainly not giving this palette any hate as I love it but like with every eye shadow palette there are pros and cons and this eyeshadow in my opinion is definitely a con .

Mont Blanc is not as pigmented as the other 3 shimmer/metallic eyeshadows which I was very disappointed with and also it looks like it is getting hard pan in the middle of the eyeshadow which isn't great as I have only used it a couple of times .

I am going to try to fix that issue by wiping the top layer of which you should not have to do to get a eyeshadow to work for you but sometimes this is the only way you can get it to work .

Here is what Mont Blanc looks like it is a lovely silver metallic eyeshadow I like my eyeshadows to be vibrant . 
What I did with this eyeshadow I  tried it with a brush and the eyeshadow was so sheer then I tried to put it on with my finger as metallic eyeshadows go on so much better with your finger .

 No joy there either so finally I used some of my Primark PS primer water which gave me the desired pigmentation . You can see though in these photos the silver is just not as popping as the gorgeous macarons eyeshadow in my inner corner and from a eyeshadow palette you want consistency in your eyeshadows . 

I've got 3 eyeshadows to try and then will be giving a full review on this palette even though I have given you a lot of my thoughts on it already it is only my first impressions on the eyeshadows I have tried thus far .

Thanks for reading as always so what are your thoughts ? do you have this eyeshadow palette ? have you tried any of the Juvia's Place Eye Shadow Palettes.