Thursday 30 August 2018

Shopping At Boots And The Mistake I Made

Hello Beauties,

A few days ago I went to Boots as I want to do a Pinterest dupe video for the Jefree Star velour collection  and I just wanted to pick one or two more lipsticks for my collection .

As the dupes on Pinterest are mainly NYX Lipsticks I thought I would go to my local boots and pick a couple of more lipsticks up .

I wanted the shade Orange County by NYX which is supposed to be a dead ringer for Flame Thrower by Jefree Star and I wanted to get Corset also by NYX it's a part of the Lingerie Collection.

 Corset is supposed to be a Dead Ringer for the shade Posh Spice  it's a grey undertoned nude which might not be ideal as I am really pale

I love the NYX Lingerie Lipstick Collection the formula is amazing for a high street liquid lipstick brand .

I hate when people pick up lipsticks and put them in the wrong place that's obviously what happened here with this lipstick I chose  .

It said this shade was Corset on the shelf which I was happy about as I wanted a shade that was similar to Jefree Stars Posh Spice lipstick .

It was only when I got it home opened the packaging and tried the lipstick on I thought to myself this doesn't look like the shade Posh Spice and turned the lipstick over to see that it was ACTUALLY Bedtime Flirt.

I was so annoyed as I have this lipstick in my collection already and it's a beautiful shade I will use it but I wanted Corset so I'm going to have to buy that lipstick now before I can do the video on you tube .

It really is a beautiful lipstick Bedtime Flirt isn't it i'm wearing it in this photo here

I have a lot of dupes for the Jefree Star lipsticks in my collection I didn't realise just how much I can't wait to do this video super excited to show you the dupes I have in my collection .

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Thanks for reading as always it means the world to me

The lesson of the day is to always make sure that the lipstick you want is actually the right shade and not a lipstick that someone has put in the wrong section .

It can't be just me that has done this though has anyone else made my mistake ??