Tuesday 28 August 2018

Outfits I have been loving wearing

Hello beauties,

I never do any outfits of the day or outfits that I have been really loving wearing so I thought I would show you all the type of outfits I have been loving wearing

Outfit 1 - 

This is one of my favourite outfits I just love the colour red and I think the khaki cropped trousers go so well with this outfit .

The red off the shoulder top was a steal it was just £6 from Primark it was worth every penny I got the khaki trousers from Primark also I got these last year they were either £10 or £15 they are so comfy I love wearing them

The shoes were from river island I have had these a couple of years now and I think they go so well with this outfit

River island do some of the nicest shoes and boots and winter is only round the corner so I will be definitely be going to river island for a pair of nice winter boots and maybe a nice winter coat.

River island 

I am so looking forward to seeing River Islands Winter Collection and you can check out everything they have to offer by clicking the link above .

The Jacket I have been wearing with this outfit is a green suedette jacket that also came from Primark it was such a steal at £20 I have seen one in new look which is very similar and they are £40 this is why I love shopping at Primark because they sell great clothes and it's so inexpensive .

Outfit 2 

I have been loving this cute denim pinafore dress all throughout the summer months I think it looks really well with the pale blue angel t-shirt and nautical slides everything was bought from Primark .

I think the Denim Pinafore Dress was £12 and the Nautical Slides were £6 and the pale blue angel t-shirt was just £4 so that is an outfit for just £22 which I think is just amazing

Outfit 3

I absolutely love this Denim Jacket I wore this all through summer it's definitely been a good investment again it was bought from Primark and cost just £15 .

I love wearing this jacket with the Red off the shoulder top which is also from Primark and my blue denim skinny jeans that I got from primark also .

I do think this Jacket looks gorgeous with red though and lastly I love that choker from new look I had been after one of these chokers for so long I think it was only £3 and it goes with everything .

I also love the earrings that I am wearing in this photo they remind me of  dream catcher they came from Primark I literally buy everything there some of my make up, accessories , lingerie, my clothes , I have even bought handbags and bedding from there in the past . I think Primark is amazing it's my favourite place to shop

Outfit 4 - 

I absolutely adore this top it's so vibrant and my favourite colour red you can't see it in the photo but the sleeves have got slits on them again this top was from Primark and only cost £4 .

I usually wear this top with Jeans but you could dress it up with a lovely skirt or some nice cropped trousers for a night out .

Outfit 5 -

I absolutely love this top that I got from Select yes it's from somewhere different I found it in the sale it should have been £9.99 and I got it for £7.99 it looks nice with Jeans and that Denim Jacket from Primark I spoke about earlier but it also looks really nice with some skirts that I have and leather jeggings and cropped trousers this top has definitely been great value for money and like Primark I love shopping at Select because it's great value for money.

I could go on and on and show other photos of some more outfits that I have been loving wearing but this post would be soooo long I might do a second instalment with more dresses and full outfits .

Thanks for reading as always