Thursday 23 August 2018

Primark PS Pure Arctiic Ice Highlighter First Impressions

Hello beauties,

Whilst I was in Primark recently I came across this gorgeous highlight not that I need another highlighter in my collection but Primark is so inexpensive and I don't have many highlighters this shade.

The packaging is just so luxurious it reminds me of the Fenty Beauty packaging so bad check out the link down below to see what I mean .

I don't think the colour is the same the fenty highlight is silver and the Primark PS Pure Highlight is an icy pink i'm talking more about the packaging it is clearly a dupe for the fenty highlight.

The Primark Highlight is £3 and the fenty beauty highlight is $34 so quite a big price difference .

Fenty Highlight 

This highlight is just so beautiful one of Primark's luxurious products this highlight goes on smooth and looks stunning on the skin .

This highlight in particular is perfect for light to medium skin tones when I was in Primark I spoke to the girl on the make up counter and asked if there was any more shades in this collection she told me that Primark will be getting some more shades in soon .

Next time I go to Primark I will go and see if there are any more shades they are perfect for travelling with the little mirror so they are perfect for applying on the go .

I am wearing the Arctic Ice Highlight in this picture this is one of those highlighters that I can see that it would become one of my go to highlighters and I have a lot of highlighters in my collection

What are everyone else's thoughts has anyone else tried these highlights what did you think ?

Thanks for reading as always