Saturday 25 August 2018

Make Up Revolution & Soph X Extra Spiced Palette

Hello beauties,

Today I would like to share my first impression and review on make up revolution and Soph X Extra Spice Palette.

This palette is not the first collaboration that make up revolution now known as (revolution) collaborated together another make up revolution and Soph X was released last year which I decided not to buy for the longest time because it looked like a neutral palette and I have so many neutral palettes in my collection .

When I saw this palette I fell in love with it straight away  the colour scheme in this palette is stunning right up my street...

I was instantly drawn to this palette straight away and as I was going to buy this one I thought I would get the original palette as well which I haven't even used it yet when I do I will do a review on that palette as well.

Along with this beautiful extra spiced palette soph also came out with 3 lipsticks there a satin formula I will be doing a separate review on these lipsticks so I don't want to go into detail about the lipsticks in this post this is really just a side note .

So lets get into my thoughts on the eyeshadow palette.

First Row - 

Everyday - Is a gorgeous pink champagne shimmer you can't really see the swatch on my arm as it closely matches my pale skin tone but this is a gorgeous eyeshadow to use as inner corner highlight . .

Running Late - Is one of my favourite matte eyeshadows in the palette it's a gorgeous orange based eyeshadow.

Infinity - is a gorgeous metallic silver it really is a stunning eyeshadow on the eyelid.

Cheesecake - is a red based brown it's really nice to deepen the outer v and the lash line .

Cookie Dough - is a cool toned matte brown it reminds me of a cool contour shade

Dreams - is a gorgeous gold shimmer these kind of eyeshadows make blue eyes pop and that is why I love using them so much .

Second Row - 

Vitamin C - is one of my favourite shadows in this palette I love yellow eyeshadows at the moment this is a matte yellow I love using this shadow along with Running late or Sweet N Sour and LA Sun to create a gorgeous sunset eye look

Sweet N Sour - Sweet N Sour and Running Late are very similar eyeshadows Sweet N Sour is just a shade darker maybe .

Twenty One - Twenty One is another matte shadow that I love to create a sunset eye look its a gorgeous red toned eyeshadow

Romance - is a stunning cranberry shimmer eye shadow

Lakes -  Is a matte brown with a khaki undertone it's really nice to darken the lash line and the outer corner or even on the lid to give you that lovely smokey eye look.

Third Row -

Brownies - Brownies is a gorgeous matte brown eyeshadow

Chocolate Orange - Chocolate Orange is a gorgeous matte  brown with an undertone of red

Mulled Wine - Mulled Wine is another red/cranberry matte eyeshadow which is also a lovely eyeshadow to give that sunset eye look.

LA Sun - LA Sun is my favourite shimmer in the eye shadow palette I absolutely love it more often then not when I use the extra spiced palette I use LA Sun .

Aurora - Aurora is a gorgeous khaki shimmer looks stunning on the eye lid

Reputation - Reputation is a gorgeous matte black very pigmented one of the most pigmented blacks that I have seen in the make up revolution eye shadow palettes that I have .
Although I don't use black eyeshadows I really love that this one is so pigmented .

This was one of my favourite looks that I created when I first bought the Make Up Revolution (revolution) and Soph X Extra Spiced Eyeshadow Palette the eyeshadows I used for this look if I remember correctly are Vitamin C in the crease as a transition shade and then Sweet N Sour over the top and LA Sun all over my eye lid .

How gorgeous is that LA Sun shimmer eyeshadow though I just love it and this look

I used  Vitamin C and Sweet N Sour eye on the lash line as well

Here is another look that I really like this is more of an everyday eye look which I really enjoyed creating

I used running late in the crease and dreams all over the eye lid it was a very easy look to create

I thought I had more looks on my Instagram account that I had used with this palette but I could only find these 2 photos .

I think this palette is one of my favourite eye shadow palettes from make up revolution (revolution) to date but I do have quite a few others that I have not tried and I want to review those on the blog in the next few weeks

Is it worth the money ?

I genuinely feel that this palette is worth the £10 I got this palette on the make up revolution website I couldn't wait for it to go into my local superdrug and you have to pay a small delivery charge with the make up revolution website whereas superdrug you can order online and click and collect and pick it up for free.

The eyeshadows blend out so well even the red toned eye shadows I have used some red based eyeshadows in the past and found them to be quite patchy but not these ones there really creamy .

I love this palette for the yellow eye shadows and red toned eyeshadows you can do quite a lot of colourful eye looks with this palette but also you can do a gorgeous neutral everyday look as well which I love .

Something else I also love is the packaging it's my favourite colour rose gold it's shiny you could use it as a mirror if your using a different palette which is always handy. .

The front of the packaging says revolution and then Soph X in matte cream which goes with her original palette

This palette has 18 eyeshadows in the palette each shadow has 0.03oz/0.08g whereas the original palette I believe has 24 eyeshadows in it .

The difference between the original and this extra spiced palette is this has all the names of all the eyeshadows in the palette which I absolutely love .
I hate it when companies put a plastic sheet inside the palette as I have to take extra care not to lose the plastic sheets which isn't always easy and I like to keep them as I refer back to the eyeshadows when I do blog posts and I can't really do that if I have lost the plastic sheet .

I would actually rather get less eyeshadow and a palette have the names of the eyeshadows inside the palette as a lot of eyeshadows are repeated like in this palette the eyeshadows that are similar are Sweet N Sour and Running Late , Chocolate Orange and Cheesecake are very similar, Cookie Dough and Lakes are also very Similar .

That's 6 eyeshadows that are very similar in this palette they all have very similar undertones especially Sweet N Sour and Running Late . I don't think that you need both of these eye shadows in this palette .

This is the only con with this palette and I don't really see it as being a con because I will use these eye shadows .

Oh I forgot to mention just looking at the eyeshadow palette now I recognise another negative some of the eye shadows in my palette seem to have gotten hard pan you will probably be able to see that from the photos.

The eye shadows that have hit hard pan are mainly the shimmers Dreams is probably the worst LA Sun has also hit hard pan in the middle of the eyeshadow Romance is starting to hit hard pan so far the other 2 shimmers in the palette are fine Everyday and Infinity but these are the shimmers that I wear the least .

In the Matte eyeshadows the worst for hard pan is my favourite eye shadow Vitamin C , Running late is starting to hit hard pan and cookie dough so again all of the eye shadows I use on a regular basis .

I have just swatched them and they still appear to be pigmented I'll need to do a look to see if they are as pigmented as they were when I first bought the palette ,

I haven't used any of these eye shadows wet as they were pigmented which is what I love about the make up revolution brand I suppose I could have just got a palette that was a bit faulty has this happened to anyone else ?

Thanks for reading as always so what do you guys think of this palette did you pick it up . I would love to know your thoughts on it . Please leave me a comment down below