Tuesday 21 August 2018

Jefree Starr Yummy Velour Lipstick Summer 2018 Collection First Impression

Hello beauties,

Today I just wanted to give you my thoughts on the Jefree Star Velour Lipstick from his summer collection .

This is only the second lipstick from the Jefree Star lipstick collection because they are quite expensive .

When I saw this lipstick on beauty bay I just knew I had to have it for my collection I don't have a lipstick like this in my collection it's a burnt orange but has fine glitter in it which just looks beautiful on the lips .
It's just a really unique lipstick I like Jefree Star velour lipsticks because they are comfortable on the lips and last a long time you don't have to keep topping up which I like they just last for hours .

How stunning is this lipstick I just love it I love how vibrant it is the photo really doesn't do it justice . 

If your not a fan of lipsticks with glitter in them don't worry because it's hardly noticeable . 
I personally like a little bit of glitter in a lipstick as long as it's not too harsh and doesn't feel too gritty which this one doesn't .

I really feel like Jefree Star really got the formula right on this lipstick . 

I can get a very similar look to this by using Jefree Star's Anna Nicole that is one of my favourite matte red lipsticks and when I want something a little bit different I put a nice golden highlight and it looks a very similar shade . 

I love the packaging of the new summer 2018 collection a nice vibrant orange perfect for summer the only thing I don't like about this particular lipstick and I think my Anna Nicole smells the same is it smells a lot like chemicals but that is something I can deal with from a beautiful lipstick such as this . 

Other then that though there is nothing negative to say about this lipstick a lot of matte lipsticks are very drying I haven't noticed that with this or my Anna Nicole lipstick . 

I do want to try some of Jefree Star nude lipsticks I am looking at maybe getting the nude mini lip kit that is on beauty bay but that's just something I am thinking of at the minute . 

Have you tried any of the Jefree Star Summer Collection 2018 ? 

What do you think of the collection ? 

I would love to know your thoughts please leave me a comment . 

Thanks for reading as always