Monday 27 August 2018

Health Update

Hello Beauties,

Today I thought I would do a bit of a health post I have been really ill lately I was in hospital last week which I did a post on .

When I was in hospital I got told I was severely dehydrated it makes perfect sense now why I was so dehydrated .

I was also diagnosed with glandular fever when I was in the hospital no wonder I have been feeling like I have no energy I just thought I was coming down with a cold or something I think I would actually prefer to have a cold to feeling the way I do right now.

Anyway the hospital kept me in for 3 days and then let me come home once my fluids had been topped up and I wasn't as dehydrated as when I went in there originally and they gave me antibiotics to treat the infection .

I have been really suffering since I came out of hospital and it's been over a week the antibiotics that they gave me I thought was just not working I thought it was making my stomach really upset and making me feeling nausea's it's just been horrible all the cramps and never being off the toilet (not a nice thought) I apologise for being so graphic. 

Anyway this had been going on for nearly a week and I wasn't getting any better I was getting worse if anything so I made a doctors appointment it turns out that I now have Gastroenteritis otherwise known as Gastric Flu I have never been in so much pain my stomach feels constantly angry with me . 

Here is everything I am feeling with this Gastroenteritis it's horrible so painful and just makes you feel rubbish in general .

It makes perfect sense why I have felt like I have no energy I just thought I was drained I've not been taking good care of myself since my mum got really ill in November and nearly died my focus has been on taking care of her so taking care of myself and my health which has taken a back seat .

My stay in hospital has taught me that I need to take better care of myself if my mum does need me in the future to care for her again I can't really do that if I am feeling the way I am .

My doctor gave me Buscopan for the cramps and said if I get any worse I will need to go back to hospital this weekend which is not what I want . I hate it there .

I have been told to have a very light diet which is going to kill me as I love my food and normally at the weekend me and my mum normally have a nice takeaway whether that is a Chinese we have been having Chinese takeaway I have found a really good local take away or a pizza but I have not been loving Pizza lately.

I was supposed to be going back to work on Monday my doctor said under no circumstances can I go back to work as i'm infectious not only will I risk infecting my work colleagues but I will also run the risk of delaying my recovery and wouldn't be productive .

I just feel bad as this is a new Job but it's like my doctor said your health has to come first at the moment and I need to rest and hopefully I will feel by the end of the week .

My health just seems to be going from bad to worse on Tuesday I have to go to a hospital which isn't even in my town for quite a lot of tests and to see a specialist as when I was at hospital they found a lump and they want to check it's not cancerous so I am really worried about going for the tests .

Sorry if this post is a little morbid I just wanted to write and explain why my blog posts might be erratic .

I am going to try and schedule my blog posts so that there up at least 2-3 times a week and not once a month like they have been as this is my passion I love reviewing make up and giving my first impressions and thoughts .

Thanks so much for reading as always it really does mean a lot to me