Monday 6 August 2018

Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions Palette Review

Hello Beauties,

Today I would like to talk about the stunning gorgeous Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions Palette.

I have been wearing bright eyeshadows lately and saw this and had to have it in my collection I don’t have any eyeshadows as bright in my collection and I just think this palette is so beautiful and worth every penny the eyeshadows are so pigmented and blend lovely .

They stock these little palettes on cult beauty but this particular palette had sold out and as far as I am aware cult beauty have not had a re-stock yet so I had to get mine from Selfridges the delivery was a little expensive on top of the palette . I would have thought that Selfridges would give free delivery if you spend a certain amount .

I will give credit where credit is due though they did gift wrap it really well ....

Just look how vibrant the eye shadows are in this little mini palette I love the shimmers in particular you get 3 highly pigmented metallic shimmer eyeshadows . One on each row a vibrant purple on the top row , then on the middle row you have a gorgeous bold blue and then my favourite of the three metallic its the gorgeous turquoise reminds me of the ocean and looks lovely on blue eyes .

I am sure I have some photos that I took wearing the eyeshadows in this palette I will try and add a couple to this post.

Then you have 6 mattes which are nice but I would have preferred one more metallic eyeshadow maybe another vibrant metallic green as I am loving wearing green eyeshadow at the moment ....

I just think there are too many eyeshadows from the red family in this palette and Huda Beauty could have quite easily put another metallic in .

The middle red and the bottom row red are so similar on the eyes I don't think you need need both of these shadows in the palette .

Other then that I love the matte eyeshadows my favourite from the mattes definitely are the vibrant yellow and orange it makes a really good sunset eye look which I love . I also like the green although it looks black in the palette on the far left ... I love the vibrant pink on the top row and then you have the 2 matte reds on the middle and bottom row which are nice but I have so many shadows in different palettes having said that I will use them I just would have liked one more metallic.

This is a photo I took after using the vibrant metallic turquoise eye shadow from the palette it's so beautiful isn't it ....