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Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eyeshadow Palette - Is it worth the hype

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So here I am writing this post from my local Mcdonald's the things you have to do :)

Today I thought I would give my thoughts on this amazing palette by Too Faced it's the Chocolate Gold Bar .

I wanted this for ages before I bought it but the price point of too faced puts me off if I am being honest these palettes are so expensive and Make Up revolution normally come out with a dupe for every palette that too faced have done but on this occasion I could not see one .
If you know of a dupe by make up revolution or any other make up brand please let me know I would love to do a comparison review

Back to the gorgeous palette in question I love everything about this palette from the gorgeous packaging to the amazingly pigmented metallic eyeshadows .

1st Row Swatches -

There are 4 Matte Eyeshadows in this Palette which is the matte ivory/cream shade rollin in dough which I use to set my eye primer so that my eye shadows will go on seamlessly , cocoa truffle is a matte brown which is a lovely transition shadow . Decadent is the most pigmented black that I have come across in a long time .

The rest of the eyeshadows are metallic I didn't want to do a review/ first impressions until I tried this palette out fully and can say that I have the only shadow I haven't tried is decadent because I don't use black eyeshadows but I'm glad that too faced have decided to put a black in this palette for the days I might want to do a nice smoky eye . It's not often that I do this as I don't feel like I suit it as I am so fair skinned .

So lets talk about the shadows these are from the first row the first shadow is my favourite from the whole entire palette it's a stunning green called money bags never in a million years did I think I would be comfortable using green eye shadows but it looks stunning on .

Next is chocolate gold which is the most gorgeous yellow gold it's so stunning and again unlike any other eyeshadow I have in my collection .

Rich Girl is a unique colour which is like a silver rose gold it's like a duo chrome eyeshadow it's really pretty .

Cocoa Truffle is the matte brown eyeshadow I talked about earlier it's really nice as a transition eyeshadow for the crease .

Decadent is another shadow I talked about earlier in the post it is a hugely pigmented black eyeshadow which I love even though I don't use black shadows that often . I think this is the most pigmented black from my entire collection and if I need to do a smoky eye I will probably use the black from this palette over any other in my collection .

2nd Row Swatches 

Love and cocoa is a darker mate brown I think this looks nice on the lash line or the outer corner to deepen the crease on deeper skin tones it would look lovely as a transition eye shadow . 

Old Money is a metallic gold another very pretty metallic gold eye shadow if you have blue or green eyes these gold eye shadows from this palette are just going to be your best friend they make your eyes pop on my eyes in particular they just make my eyes look so blue . 

New money is the brightest pink I didn't think I would ever wear this but it's absolutely stunning this palette has completely opened my eyes to coloured eyeshadows  since buying this palette I have bought more coloured palettes because I am so sick of wearing neutral eyeshadows and if you can't wear them in the summer when can you?

Famous is yet another gold eyeshadow in the palette I do wish there was a few more coloured metallic eyeshadows in this palette just because I have similar shades to the metallic gold and rose gold shadows in my make up revolution rose gold palette . 

Classy and sassy is a beautiful rose gold eyeshadow I do really love this eyeshadow . 

So Boujee is another matte brown this is the lightest brown in the palette that I use for my crease and then use cocoa truffle on the outer v to deepen the crease and put one of the metallic eyeshadows all over the eyelid sometimes I will use 2 of the metallic eyeshadows. 

Third and final row - 

Holla for a dolla is a gorgeous khaki/gunmetal metallic eyeshadow which looks pretty on the eyes . 

Gold Dipped another gold in the palette which don't get me wrong I think is lovely but this palette has way too many gold eyeshadows in here even for me and I love gold eyeshadows . 
I feel like too faced could have added maybe a couple more colourful eyeshadows I know it's called the gold bar but even so enough is enough . 

Livin Lavish now I never wear purple eyeshadow I just never thought I would suit purple but this looks so nice on and I really like it . 

Drippin Diamonds this silver eyeshadow is so beautiful and what I love about it is it looks beautiful by itself or you can it with another eyeshadow to get a duo chrome look .

Rollin in dough as I said before I only really use this to set my base it would be good for darker skin tones to use this as a matte highlight I am just too fair this eyeshadow is so close to my skin tone . 

Here is a look that I created using the too faced chocolate gold palette the shadows that I used were rollin in dough to set my primer and so that the eyeshadows would go on seamlessly then I went in with so boujee in the crease and livin lavish in the outer corner and dripping diamonds in the outer corner to give that ombre duo chrome effect.

One of my favourite looks using money bags which is the stunning green from the eyeshadow palette I am obsessed with this eye look at the minute .

Again using the same eyeshadow it's really bad but one of the reasons I picked this palette up was definitely for the metallic green I didn't know whether I would use any of the other brighter eye shadows but I am happy to say that I have used every one of the shadows apart from the black which I am sure I will get around to using .

Here is a look with  that gorgeous unique gold eyeshadow I just think this is such a beautiful eye shadow . I absolutely love it .

So what are my thoughts on this too faced chocolate gold palette if you can't guess I absolutely adore it .
Like I said earlier in the post my only gripe if you would even call it that is that there wasn't one or two more colourful eyeshadows as I have similar neutral eyeshadows in my collection but I do love gold and rose gold eyeshadows so it's definitely something that I can live with .

If your a person that doesn't like neutral eyeshadows or a palette full of metallic eyeshadows or shimmers then maybe this palette just isn't for me but if you do like neutral palettes with pops of colour and also like metallic eyeshadows then this palette is definitely for you, you will love it .

Yes it's expensive but it's well worth the opinion the eyeshadows go on really well and blend out amazingly.


If you live in the UK wait until Debenhams have their sale on too faced products normally it's just 10% off but when I got this a couple of months ago I managed to get 15% off which I would have been silly to pass it up as I would have got it eventually and had to pay full price .

Have you picked up this palette if so what are your thoughts , did you decide not too pick this palette up .
would love to start a conversation in the comments box down below with all you beauties

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I have got so many reviews and first impressions planned sorry I have not been posting as frequent this past year .

I have been caring for my sick mother but she is getting better with each day and doesn't rely on me as much anymore so I should have more spare time to do a lot of the things I love which is blogging and hopefully you tube . I have missed it so much but my mum has had to be my priority .

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