Saturday 9 June 2018

Pixi Brow Tamer and Lower Lash Mascara

Hello my beauties,

Today I'd like to talk about this little set that I recently got from tk maxx...
In the set you get a Brow Tamer which is a clear gel to set your eyebrows I'm really impressed with this and would definitely buy the set again but my favourite thing In this set has to be the lower Lash mascara...

For the last few years I've been looking for a really good lower Lash mascara which I've not found so I just havent worn mascara on my bottom lashes until now the mascara wand coats every little tiny lash of my lower lashes the brush is amazing .

If your like me and hardly have any lower lashes this is perfect for you I would definitely recommend it ...

If you do want to buy it I would recommend you try your local tk maxx I bought this for £5.99 original retail price is £16.00

I don't know if I would pay £16.00 as both items are tiny almost travel size but they are definitely worth £5.99

Does anyone know anymore great lower lash mascaras I would love to try more out... Please leave a comment with any recommendations that you have

As always thank you so much for reading

Beauty with Andrea