Sunday 27 May 2018

My fake tan hell

Hello lovelies,

I thought I would write a quick post all about my fake tan hell...

Last weekend I went for a spray tan and normally it's all ok but my beautician is off on maternity leave until June and there was a young girl filling in for her which I thought would be ok and I was going out and wearing a dress so I wanted a little bit of colour...

I'm not really want to complain but this was a bad spray tan so when my beautician comes back off maternity I will be putting in a complaint.

The tan that was used was fake bake which is always the one that is used on me and it wasn't a cheap tan it cost me £15 and it was all patchy you can see it more on the neck it looks like I have a birthmark which I don't. I had to blend it in with my foundation not good at all...

I made the decision from now on I'm going to try and do my own spray tan I'm currently using the St moritz holiday glow set so watch out for that in an upcoming post.. Hopefully it will be a good fake tan

As you can see from the bottom picture I did end up with quite a nice tan but my legs were patchy, my neck was and you just don't expect that from a spray tan. 

Thanks for reading

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