Tuesday 15 May 2018

Does it really work flawless finish

Hello my lovelies,

I've just looked at the last post that I made which was 6th April and I can't actually believe it's been so long as I've said in recent posts my mum has been very sick for quite awhile now so all my focus has been on her and making sure she is OK but today I'm back with a different post for me.

As you may or may not know if you read the blog posts regularly I suffer with polycystic ovary syndrome and have done since I was in my late teens and as a result of that I do get quite a bit of facial hair not many people notice it but I know it's there and do get a bit paranoid about it anywho when I saw this fancy machine had come out on the market I was very excited to try it because I spend a absolute fortune on going to the beauticians to get the hair waxed off...

What I wanted to know was, was this just a gimmick or Does it really work??... Your probably wondering the same thing right??

First thing I did was go to you tube and watched a couple of videos on the jml flawless finish I didn't want to pay for it and it not work and yes it's only £20 but that would have paid for my appointment.

I was amazed by what I saw so I went to
my local boots and picked one up straight away.... When I got home I tried it out and it removed every last hair that I tried it on that's upper lip hair, chin hair and I have hair at the side of my face that I normally get my beautician to wax off.

I nearly cried with relief when the flawless finish worked I feel like I've been waiting for this machine since I started getting the facial hair.

If you have polycystic ovary syndrome and you get facial hair I would definitely say get this it will change your life... No more painful waxing as it really is pain free.

My sister doesn't have polycystic ovary syndrome she just gets the odd dark hair on her upper lip or around the chin area and she had me sort that out for her today she wants to get the flawless finish soon as she has seen how handy they really are.

The flawless finish is really handy to travel with too as it's so compact and even has a light on it so you can see where the hair is on your face i just think it's fantastic and great value at just £19.99 I'll save so much money by using this instead of going to see my beautician.

Thanks for reading