Friday 26 January 2018

Updated Review On Primark PS Beauty Highlight & Glow Palette 

Hello my lovelies, 

Today I thought I’d give you my final thoughts on the Primark PS Beauty Highlight & Glow Palette . 

I’ve said in my first impressions just how much this palette reminds me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter Palette . 

These highlighters are just so buttery and creamy and so pigmented. I said this in my first impressions for the price this is definitely one of the best highlighter palettes £1 per highlight and the highlighter pans are really big ...

Sundown and pool party don’t work for me as highlighters but they look great as eyeshadows as they are the type of shimmer eyeshadow I wear on my lids anyway especially the shade sundown. 

The palette even comes in packaging just like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter Palette but at a fraction of the price .

The glow in this photo is so intense and I hardly used any of the highlighter. 

In this photo I’m wearing sundown on my eyelids which is just the most amazing golden bronze highlighter.

I think this would look amazing as a bronze topper for people with darker skin tones . 

Overall my opinions have stayed the same I think this highlighter palette is worth every penny I would definitely suggest you go out and buy it you will definitely get a lot of use from it . 

I wanted to show you how versatile this palette was by showing a few looks if your a pale girl like me don’t be put off as you can use the darker highlighters as eyeshadows and they look so lovely

Thanks for reading as always 

Beauty With Andrea