Monday 29 January 2018

Primark PS PRO Matte Kissproof Liquid Lipsticks 

Hello my lovelies , 

Today I’d like to talk about these beautiful matte liquid lipsticks do a bit of a first impressions / review .

The packaging is really nice and sleek if memory serves me correctly these lipsticks were either £2 or £2.50 so there really great value for money ...

The swatches on my arm are the top right my two favourite lipsticks are definitely the lighter shades which are 01 Nude In Private and 02 Pink In Excess. 

There such lovely neutral lipsticks, everyday lipsticks . 

I do really like 03 Rouge In Danger as well but it smudges and is very patchy which is a real shame as it’s a gorgeous colour . 

I wore Rouge In Danger once and after a drink it smudged so badly so unfortunately I won’t be wearing this lipstick again . It’s just really unfortunate as the other lipsticks are so nice . 

The lipsticks have a really nice doe foot applicator and apply so smoothly there all really creamy and dry down really well apart from the Rouge In Danger Lipstick . 

I highly recommend these lipsticks for the price point obviously not the Rouge In Danger Lipstick but the others and any other shades that they bring out as it’s not too dark . 

Thanks for reading ....

Beauty With Andrea