Thursday 25 January 2018

Primark PS Beauty Vintage Eyeshadow Palette First Impressions/Review

Hello my lovelies,

Today i want to talk about this beautiful palette from Primark PS Beauty its called the Vintage  Palette it really is a stunning palette and you can create lots of different looks with using all the different shadows in the palette .

Normally I forget to take picture when I’m doing a product review but wanted to make sure on this occasion and going forward that I will do that as I think it’s important .

In the photos it was my first time using this palette so it’s my genuine first impressions on the palette as well as my overall thoughts 

The packaging is very simple but I find it quite elegant it’s quite sturdy with a magnetic closure , 

This Primark Vintage Palette I spoke about it on my Instagram really reminds me of the M.A.C Cosmetics times nine palettes but so much more pigmented the eyeshadows I have tried from M.A.C Cosmetics i really haven’t liked none of them they don't seem to have any pigment to them so I ended up selling my M.A.C Cosmetics palette. 

But yes the palettes really do look the same it’s the same size looks like you get the same amount in product but oh so much cheaper.

Seriously though how beautiful is this palette still can’t believe it was only £2.50 at the time of purchase it was definitely the bargain of 2017 it’s like 27p per Eyeshadow ridiculously cheap . 
It’s nice to have a palette like this to create sexy smouldering smoky eye looks most of my palettes are neutral

I’m trying to be a bit more daring this year with my make up so this is perfect for that and doesnt break the bank so if you was to try it and didn’t like it it’s no great loss.
Onto the best part the swatches ...

Some of the eyeshadows are a little bit patchy mainly the darker shadows but they blend out really well .

All in all I think it’s a really nice palette to have in your collection. It’s really travel friendly it doesn’t come with a mirror but for £2.50 would you really expect it too ?

It’s a good palette to have if like me you want to start doing smoky eye looks but don’t know if they will suit you before buying from a higher end make up brahd .

These are the looks I created using the palette, 4 looks 1 palette I’m really happy with how the looks came out .

I’ve been tagging Primark in the looks that I have been creating and they have just been so nice In letting me know what they think .

As a customer I’ve always loved Primark they sell everything that you could want under the one roof but as a blogger I’m loving them even more then before . 

Last thoughts if you can get hold of this palette I would recommend that you buy it and try for yourself .

Please note i purchased this palette with my own money . All opinions are my own . 

Thanks for reading as always

Beauty With Andrea