Friday 5 January 2018

Too Faced Pappa Don’t Peach Blush Review 

Hello Beauties,

I have had this Too Faced Papa Don’t Peach Blush for awhile now I’ve just not been using it a great lot I thought I would dig it out of my make up drawer and use it and do a bit of a First Impression / Review .

Too Faced seriously never fail to deliver on their packaging this is just too adorable for words and very sleek love the little peach in the front it’s a nice tin design .

The Blush is infused with Peach So every time you use it you can smell the nice peach scent . I just adore it ...
The Blush Itself really reminds me of my favourite blush which is Nars Orgasm it gives you a nice glow like the Nars Orgasm one does but I think that will always be my favourite  . Too Faced Pappa Don’t Peach Blush just has a more bronze finish to it really lovely Blush I love the embossed peach with the Too Faced Logo and the cute little mirror inside it’s handbag size which I really like too .

Pappa Don’t Peach blush has a more bronze tone you can see here how how bronze toned it is truly Is a nice blush though and one that I recommend.

I’m wearing the Too Faced Pappa Don’t Peach Blush in this photo I went in with a very light hand as I used it yesterday and looked very bronzed .
This blush is very pigmented and I would say very good value for money yes it’s expensive it retails for £25 but most highend blushers retail at this price....
I love most of  the Too Faced Brand is it’s one of my favourite brands . When I buy a high end product  it’s always something from Too Faced but lately I’ve been trying to find dupes . If I can’t get a good dupe I will go too my local Debenhams and see if it’s worth the splurge . 

Thanks once again for reading this was only a short post there will be another again soon .