Tuesday 9 January 2018

PS.... Primark Bronze & Highlighter Palette 

Hello Beauties ,

This is the 2nd time I’m writing this post I hope it goes better then the first time .

I have had this PS Bronze Highlighter Palette  awhile now and not used it so these thoughts are truly my first impressions on the palette .

The packaging on the palette really does remind me of the Anastasia Sundipped Highlighter Palette from the packaging to the way the Highlighters are placed in the palette .

I have looked on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Website and the packaging is so similar it looks like it is made out of cardboard also which is very cheaply made as it’s £41 and the PS... Primark Bronze & Highlighter Palette is only £4 

I really like that they have put a picture of where all the Highlighter should be placed on the face. I’m not too bothered that the palette doesn’t come with a mirror like what can you expect for £4 .

Crazy insane that these big Highlighters you get 7g x 4 Highlighters so your literally paying like £1 per Highlighter...

These Highlighters are so creamy,buttery and really really pigmented honestly if you can get hold of these Highlighters I would definitely recommend them .

 I can only use the first 2 Highlighters in the palette as they were intended the other 2 are bronzer toppers and as I am very fair skinned there too dark for me . I think they would look amazing on darker skin tones though .

Sunbeam - is right up my street it’s the palest Highlighter its a silvery White it really is beautiful . 

in the palette these Highlighters are very pigmented Infact the first time I used it I went in with a heavy hand and had to use Siesta which is a pink toned highlighter and that evened it out .
Siesta is a gorgeous pink toned highlight which is also good for fair skin I sometimes mix both the highlights and that looks really pretty .

Sundown - I really like this highlight to use as a bronzer topper I’m just too fair skinned for it though it’s not a complete waste of time though as I love these kinds of colours to use as eyeshadow they make blue eyes pop I think it will look pretty on me just on the eyelid . 

Pool party - like with sundown I think this will be good as an eyeshadow on me I don’t like this bronze topper as much as I like sundown but I will try it out and give an updated review on the entire highlight palette when I’ve used it a bit more . 

Thanks for reading as always your continued support means a lot to me . 
If you have this palette I would love to know what you think or even if you don’t have it . Let me know your thoughts in the comment section . 

Beauty With Andrea