Monday 1 January 2018

My New Snowflake Pandora Charm 

Hello Beauties,

Happy New Year gosh it’s been a tough year for me and my family I hope 2018 Will be so much better .

My mum gave me some Christmas money and I bought this beautiful pandora snowflake charm I got one a couple of years ago but this one is a more updated version.

As always the packaging is amazing pandora do a lovely job with packaging .

I just love all the detail on this dangler snowflake charm what I like  the most if your bracelet fills up then you can use it as a pendant .

I don’t know how much it was originally but I got it in the 50% sale a few days ago my mum gave me some money for Christmas and rather then buy make-up which is what I would normally buy I decided I would buy something that I could keep forever

I hope whatever you did for new years eve you had a great night I just went round to my sisters and had a take away and a few drinks it was very low key.

Thanks for reading as always and sticking with my blog this year .

I haven’t blogged as much as I would have liked too you may have noticed my blog posts were all over the place but that’s due to personal circumstances which I am going to talk about in the future at the moment I'm just not ready ....

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