Saturday 30 December 2017

Jefree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer Eyeshadow Palette Review 

Hello Beauties,

I can’t believe we’re approaching 2018 it’s been a terrible year for various different reasons and maybe I will talk about it in the new year .

So much has happened in the last 6 months I just can’t wait to see the back of 2017 and focus on the new year and just hope for a better one .

Today I wanted to talk about Jefree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer Palette . I got this for my birthday last February and I haven’t really used it a lot but I wanted to do a review and show you the swatches from the palette and tell you the shadows I have used quite a lot of there my ride or die shadows when I use this palette .

Love the beautiful pink packaging of the palette  and the gold trim

Such beautiful eyeshadow in the palette you can tell my favourites and most used there rich bitch , Courtney , China White basically all the neutrals but I really like confession which is a little bit darker then I would go and in the coloured shadows expensive and violence

Star Power is a vibrant matte pink I don’t think I’ve ever used this shadow. Not sure about using it all over the eye lid for me but I think it might look really pretty on the lash line .

Princess is a frosted lilac that makes a lovely highlighter eyeshadow looks really nice in the corner of the eye .

Violence is a really unique red brown so so pretty it’s a shimmer eyeshadow really vibrant.

Rich Bitch is another shimmer and has to be one of my most used shadows from the palette I just love the uniqueness of the yellow gold .

Courtney is a gorgeous matte brown transition crease eyeshadow I use this with whatever eyeshadow I use from the palette.

Expensive is a gorgeous matte green with specks of glitter in it I’m not really sure if the glitter transfers I don’t actually think I’ve tried this on my eyes either .

Confession is a lovely shimmer bronze eyeshadow I love this eyeshadow almost as much as I love rich bitch .

Vanity Is a really dark brown it’s a matte eyeshadow looks really nice on the lash line it’s a nice alternative to black and you can also use it as a nice alternative to black .

China White I love to use after I have used my Mac paint pot just to make sure all the other eyeshadows blend seamlessly. If someone has darker skin then me it would also make a lovely highlight but my skin is too fair . I like to use these kind of shadows as a base anyway .

Black Rainbow it’s nice that a black has been added again like the expensive eye shadow it does have specks of glitter running through it but once you get through the top layer that might disappear if you don’t like glitter in your eyeshadow this may bother you .

I just love this look that I created it’s very simple just 3 eyeshadows were used from the palette first China White followed by Courtney in the crease then Rich Bitch all over the lid it’s so vibrant .

I was going to wear a nice bold red lip but as I was going to the hospital I didn’t think it was appropriate so I wore Charlotte Tilburys Stoned Roses which by the way I’m loving again .

I think this is a great look and really simple to create .....

I’m really impressed with the palette and if you can still get hold of it on Beauty Bay I would highly recommend it as the palette has some gorgeous unique eyeshadows that you wouldn’t find in every palette .

I hope you have enjoyed reading this review and would like to take the time to thank you all for coming with me on my journey .

I know I haven’t written a lot these last few months in the new year I will explain why and hopefully you will understand. Your continued support means the world to me .

I wish you all the very best for 2018

Thanks for reading