Tuesday 2 January 2018

Models Own Barely There Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hello Beauties,

I’m sure I’ve talked about this palette before maybe done a first impressions way back when I first bought it.

Which was early last year I’ve not actually used it that much maybe a handful of times but the eyeshadows are so nice and the packaging is lovely.

 My only regret is models own they had some other palettes I really wish I’d bought them as I can’t get hold of them due to the fact that they no longer stock  models own at the Superdrug near me it’s been replaced with nip & fab make up which I’ve not tried

 Nothing from the make up range appeals to me .

I have however tried a few things from there skincare range over the last year and enjoyed the products that i tried . Let me know if you have and what’s good or if you want me to review anything from that particular range and I’ll pick it up and do a review
.Please leave a comment.

Onto my review of this particular palette from models own barely there eyeshadow palette .

I don’t normally like white packaging but I absolutely love this palette and love the fact that it’s a really good one to travel with as you have every kind of eye shadow that you will need from day to night . I love the metallic silver writing on the palette as well looks so fancy .

Matte Eyeshadows 

These eye shadiws are silky smooth the matte eyeshadows blend like a dream the palette consists of five matte and five shimmer eyeshadows.

The matte eyeshadows  which are au naturel a light pink shade which is ideal to use to set your base Buff Is a medium brown which Is nice to define the crease of the eyelid , Stark Is a really nice matte dark brown that can be used as a eyeliner on the lower lash line and to give a nice smoky eye these are all the shadows on the top row .

On the bottom row there are two matte eyeshadows which is a lovely transition shade Nude It helps blend out your other eyeshadows really well by applying a shadow such as this first . Secret is the last matte eyeshadow in the palette another darker brown that is nice to define the crease of your eyelid .

Shimmer Eyeshadow 

The Shimmer eyeshadows in this palette aren’t as pigmented as I would like and you will be able to see that from the swatches but if you wet your eyeshadow brush or spray a little fix plus or face primer they look amazing ...

Naked is one of the lightest shimmer eyeshadows in the palette it’s a very pale light gold very buildable Birthday Suit is just stunning i love this shimmer eyeshadow it’s a nice peachy pink eye shadow , that’s the only two shimmer eyeshadow on the top row.

Moving onto the bottom row there Is Exposed which is a gorgeous dark brown satin  , Bare Skin a darker gold then on the top row this eyeshadow is so stunning on the eyelid I love these kind of eyeshadows Unrobed Is a beautiful khaki gold eyeshadow i don’t actually think i have anything like this in my collection.

That’s all the eyeshadows onto the swatches ........

Top Row - Matte eyeshadows are Au Naturel, Buff and Stark the shimmer eyeshadows are Naked and Birthday Suit 

Bottom Row - The matters are Nude and Secret . Shimmer eyeshadows are Exposed, Bare Skin and Unrobed 

I don’t normally give the eyeshadow brushes a mention in palettes such as this because there not that great but this is a really good eye shadow brush that I use everytime i use this eyeshadow palette it’s a double ended eyeshadow brush the bristles are really soft and blend out your eyeshadow really well. 

Another thing i really like is the mirror you get quite a generous so as i mentioned previously it’s really handy to travel with as it has the five matte and shimmer eyeshadows

If I was to be picky I would say i wish some of the lighter shadows in the palette were more pigmented especially the shimmer shadows such as Naked the really light gold on the top row but it’s buildable so I can certainly live with that as most of the eyeshadows in the palette are pretty pigmented. 

If you could get hold of this palette i would highly recommend it . Last time I checked you could get hold of it on the models own website if this is still the case I might see if they any of the others I was going to buy at the time 

Here is one of the looks that I created using this palette and over the coming days I will add more to a seperate blog post .
I like this look as it’s a simple everyday look and easy to achieve .

Without the snapchat filter ... 

Thanks for reading as always your continued support means so much to me . 

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