Saturday 20 January 2018

Clinique Intense Moisture Surge Moisturiser Review 

Hello Beauties,

Today I thought I would do a little review on this Clinique intense moisture surge moisturiser. 

Like most of the Clinique Products it’s packaged really well .

I think at the price point it is it should be too this retails for a staggering £34 is it worth it you may ask .

Well I’d say it depends on the condition of your skin at the time my skin was really dehydrated so I needed a cream like this that would sort it out and that wasn’t too thick .

I hate really thick creams it just feels like they sit on your face .

This cream however is not like that it’s very thin and extremely hydrating so it soon made my face feel a lot better .

Had my skin not been feeling really horrible and dehydrated i wouldn’t have paid £33 for this but as Clinique is the best part in skincare and my skin was so flaky and dry I thought I’d give this a try first .

There are really good ones from the drigstore from the likes of Garnier ( infact I’m using a garnier one now which I will be doing a blog post on very soon) also L’Oréal are really good for skincare but at the time I got a free sample of this Clinique Intense Moisture surge moisturuser and really enjoyed using it and if my skin was in that condition again I would buy it again .

I definitely recommend it did my skin the world of good and although it’s got a pricey price tag there are dearer moisturisers out there to buy and seemed to last forever so was definitely worth the money .

Thanks for reading as always 

Have you tried this cream what was your thoughts and experiences with it 

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