Sunday 14 January 2018

A Couple More Looks Using Benefits World Famous Neutrals Palette 

Hello my Beauties

I’ve done a review/first impressions on this palette so I won’t go into detail with that if you would like to read if yourself you can read all about what I think a few posts back .

Today I just wanted to share with you a couple more looks that I created there very simple everyday looks as it is a neutrals palette but I was very happy with how they turned out especially this first look  ...

This look is my favourite I used my Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer as a transition eyeshadow because the Benefit World Famous neutrals palette does not come with one then I used the paint pot in the shade my two scents which is just beautiful by itself or with an eyeshadow over the top.

The eyeshadow i chose to wear over the top is it’s Complicated I used the highlighter shadow call my buff in the outer corner I think I’ll start using this as a base shade . Then I used kiss me I’m tipsy on the lashline .

Last but not least this is today’s look again I used my Charlotte Tilbury bronzer as a transition shadow this time I used the lighter paint pot which is more like a champagne colour. 

Today I wanted to go darker with my look so I used the darkest shadow in the palette which is kiss me I’m tipsy i thought it would have turned out a lot Darker then it did so i went in a little bit at a time .

What is it they say you can add more on but you can’t take off and it’s really true . I also added kiss me I’m tipsy to the lashline . 

Would love to know your thoughts on this palette if you have it or what products by benefit are a must.

I’ve only really tried their World famous brow products .

Is their any make up products that you think I should review next or that you couldn’t live without ??

As always thanks for reading I appreciate your continued support so much . 

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