Friday 8 December 2017

Make Up Revolution - I Heart Make Up Chocolate Rose Gold Bar First Impressions/Review

Hello Beauties,
I have had this make up revolution - I heart make up chocolate bar in rose gold for a few months but I wanted to put it through its paces and test it out before I spoke about it on the blog .

Here is what this beautiful palette looks like I will be talking about the swatches a little bit more in further detail a little bit later ,
I have probably got most of the make up revolution. I heart make up chocolate bars that have been released and so far this is my favourite everything is gorgeous down to the foiled eyeshadows to the gorgeous rose gold packaging .
I just think this packaging is unbelievably pretty and the best packaging that make up revolution and I heart make up have released to date .
With these palettes I’m really obsessive because they don’t have names on the shadows of the palette I tend to keep the plastic with the palettes so I know the names of the eyeshadows . It’s mainly if I want to talk about the palette on my you tube channel I need to know the name of each shadow
This palette definitely gives off the vibe that the first Huda Beauty palette does . I don’t have that palette but I have looked at the swatches online and the swatches are so similar . One of the reasons I didn’t get the huda beauty palette is because the reviews on it wasn’t that great and I watched a few you tubers and the pigment didn’t look that great but when I saw this one was identical I had to give this a go . This palette retails at £8.99 which really is worth it just for the foiled eyeshadows alone .
Here are the swatches of the first 2 rows
Swatches -
Hold up - is a nice champagne highlight that is very universal not only can you use it on your brow bone, inner corner of your eye you can also use it as a face highlight . This is a shimmer
Foiled Eye Shadows
Touch Me - is very unique it’s a green with a hint of a bronze running through it . This is a foiled eye shadow
Dirty Rich - is just absolutely stunning it’s a red cranberry foiled eye shadow
Hard work - is another gorgeous foiled eyeshadow the most unique gold .
Luxe - is a slightly darker cranberry/red foiled eyeshadow just beautiful
Cheque - is a gorgeous bronze foiled eyeshadow which is right up my street
Barbie - is a gorgeous gorgeous rose gold foiled eye shadow I just adore this shadow .
Gold Digga - is a golden bronze foiled eye shadow again I love this one so much .
So that’s all the foiled eye shadows there are 7 foiled eyeshadows in total .
Onto the Matte Eyeshadows -
Girl Boss - A matte chestnut brown which blends out really well.
Uh-oh - A matte red/brown which again is really smooth and blends out really nice
Not Yours - I was really surprised with this one as red eyeshadows are normally patchy especially matte ones but this wasn’t at all it blended out really nicely .
3rd Row -
3rd and last row
Shy - is a matte dark brown as you can see it is quite patchy but it is very blendable
Back Up - is a red chestnut brown which again is a little bit patchy but not as patchy as shy .
Side Chick - is an even redder chestnut colour a little bit patchy but definitely blendable .
My Own - is a gorgeous transition brown not at all patchy I love this shadow .
Independent - is supposed to be a matte highlight it just does not work for me as a highlight because it’s too similar to my skin tone but it would definitely work for someone with a darker skintone . I use this as a base shadow to set my Mac paint pot in soft ochre and it works really well.
What do I think of this palette and is it worth your money ?
I think this palette is gorgeous the matte eyeshadows are probably nothing special and if you have a lot of palettes like me you will find them in one of your many other palettes but I don’t have hardly any foiled eyeshadows and you can pay £7-8 for one foiled eyeshadow sometimes more so this palette only being £8.99 and you get 7 quality foiled eyeshadows, 2 highlights and 7 matte eyeshadows is definitely worth every penny and also it’s good if your thinking oh I like the look of the huda beauty palette but don’t know if I should invest all that money . I would definitely recommend this one .
As always thank you so much for reading