Thursday 28 December 2017

Deck Of Scarlet /Amy Rose Walker Collaboration Uodated Review 

Hello Lovelies ,

I recently did a first impression on this Deck Of Scarlet/ Amy Rose Walker Collaboration now I’ve used it a bit more I wanted to give you my thoughts , likes and dislikes on the palette ,

The Palette is really beautiful I love all the eyeshadows Dream is a really nice base and I use this really as a blank canvas to make sure that all my other shadows blend seamlessly .

 My favourite shadow by far is definitely the unique gold in the palette which is called Gold Digger looks so beautiful on the eyes .

When I use this shadow I put it on with my finger it just looks so vibrant and Luna looks nice on the outer corner and lashline .

I did manage to get a snapchat selfie with me wearing most of the powders from this palette .

The light wasn’t the best as it was late at night when I got ready to go out and I didn’t plan on going out but I liked how my make up turned out .

I started off with Dream eyeshadow all over the eyelid and then I used the bronzer in my crease Dusk I like it as it’s a nice bronzer and you can also use it as an eyeshadow so it’s a duo product .

I did actually think it would be too dark for my fair skin but it looks really nice I'm wearing it in this photo.... .

 The Highlighter in this palette is really nice as well but it’s really pink it’s called Prosecco I’m not wearing it in this photo I’m wearing a too faced one .

I absolutely adore the lipstick I did think about wearing the pinky promise in the palette it’s such a gorgeous creamy nude but I wanted a nice bold red christmas lip and this lipstick Is one of my favourites it’s so Marilyn by Charlotte tilbury it’s one of the mini charms when I have run out of the miniature I’ll definitely be buying the full size version .

I really like the lip liner that you got with this palette it’s a really nice nude pink and compliments pinky promise really well it’s in the shade Belle .

Onto things I don’t like so much ....

I mentioned this the first time I spoke about the palette one of my pet hates is when their are powders and cream products and they don’t separate them .

It was very disappointing for this to happen with Deck Of Scarlet because prior to this one I had 3 of their other palettes and they all had separate section for their cream products which I loved .

I have put in a complaint to Deck Of Scarlet about this which they said the next palette will have the separate section so I’ll look forward to seeing that palette see what it looks like .

This palette had a bigger mirror but to be honest I would much rather prefer the seperate section for the cream lip products as the powders have gone into the cream products and made a right mess .

Seems like a real waste of money too as your paying for everything in the palette and if you can only use half the products in my opinion it’s just not worth purchasing.

 I don’t like the hot pink lipstick in the shade sass queen it’s too bright . I still haven’t tried mixing the 2 lip products to get a custom lipstick so that is an option . Otherwise sass queen will get no use .

With the palette you got an eyeliner in the shade twilight which I was really looking forward to trying as so many people said it was creamy. I thought it might give my Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner a run for its money however it did not which is upsetting as I’m nearly out of my Avon one .

I like the packaging the outer packaging is black I really wish they would of kept the palette black instead of having it white as it won’t stay white for long . Make up will soon be on it .

Thanks for reading ....