Thursday 7 December 2017

First Impressions On Deck Of Scarlet and Amy Rose Walker Collaboration Palette 05

Hello Beauties,
I was a little bit late getting this palette as I wasn’t sure whether to skip this months palette but when I saw the beautiful shade Gold Digga I had to have it , it’s perfect for this time of year and although I have got a few gold eyeshadows in my collection this is a very unique gold.
I only received this palette a few days ago and haven’t used it yet which is very unlike me but my mum is very ill in hospital and that’s one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging so much lately and also why I haven’t been wearing make up . I have so many reviews and looks I want to show you all.
Again the palette comes in this nice sturdy box very sleek and well protected and I’m glad it does because whoever delivered it just shoved it through my letter box . They could have completely ruined the make up luckily it was ok but I’m not impressed with the courier .

On one side of the card you get a brief intro to who Deck Of Scarlet are .
Then on the reverse side of the card you get an introduction to the you tuber who helped collaborate that months palette and this months palette Is December/January I believe ,
This is it how it comes in the packaging as you can see it is well protected which really did save all the powder products from crumbling .
You also get 2 liners products in this palette there is a eye liner which I’m so glad about as I’m nearly out of my cult favourite which is my Avon super shock gel eye liner I believe this is a brown eyeliner called twilight and a lovely nude lip liner called Belle.
I do really love the packaging my only gripe well I have 2 really and one of them I have had to put in a complaint with to Deck Of Scarlet I’ll talk about that first . For some reason they have changed the packaging and what I mean by that the 3 palettes I have had before this had a flap that went over the lip products so the powder products would not get into the lip creams and ruin them yet this month they haven’t done that so the more you use the palette the more the fallout of the powders is going to get into the lip creams and they will become un-usable which is very disappointing. I’m going to have to cut the plastic off that comes to protect the make up and make it so that no powders can leak in but it’s a huge inconvenience and if this is going to be their regular packaging then as much as I love getting these palettes I won’t buy anymore as half the product is wasted.  Anyway rant over I didn’t mean to go on for as long as that . The other thing I dont really like is the palette is white I understand why it’s been done because it looks pleasing to the eye but eventually it is just going to get covered in make up which is not so pleasing to the eye . That I can live with though the complete change of packaging although Deck Of Scarlet have put in a bigger mirror I much prefer the way the packaging was previously.
The palette looks amazing itself like i said earlier in the post I love that gold digga shade it really is unique and so festive. I definitely want to do a look with that soon . I love the fact that there is a nice cream base to put all over the lid and then you have a nice purple to smoke it out it’s different to the typical grey or black that is put in a palette . The highlight is very pink I’m not sure that will work for my skin tone but I’ll certainly give it a try and the bronzer might be a bit dark but I believe that will make a great transition shade for me so will definitely get used . The lip products I definitively love the nude shade that will get used the most with the lip liner I’m really not sure I will use the hot pink as they don’t suit me at all . Maybe I can try and mix the 2 lipsticks and customise them see how that looks.
These are the 2 liners you can’t really see them they are quite thin but I’m looking forward to seeing how they perform .
So onto the good stuff I can’t show you any looks as I’ve not done any yet what I can do is show you how they swatch and what the pigmentation is like and my overall thoughts first impression wise then give you more a review later on .
Swatches -
The first 2 swatches are of the lip liner in the shade Belle which is a gorgeous nude shade which will go beautifully with the lip cream then we have the brown eyeliner in twilight as you can probably see from the swatch it’s very creamy so I’m not sure how that will go onto the waterline and lash line whether it will smudge .
Eyeshadows -
The first shadow I thought was a cream as that is how it looks in the pan but it’s more of a yellow toned cream which is nice I would only be using it to set my mac paint pot and make sure the rest of the eyeshadows go on seamlessly anyway and this is in the shade Dream.
Next is my favourite that is the shade Gold Digger it just swatches beautifully I can see me wearing this a lot especially through Christmas with a nice red lip.
Finally in the eyeshadows is Luna and I have to admit I didn’t think I was going to like it because traditionally I avoid dark shadows like this but I can’t wait to try this shadow out .
Highlighter -
As I thought earlier I think this is way too dark for my skin tone I could mix it with one of my paler highlighters and get a customisable highlight but that defeats the purpose your supposed to be able to work from just the one palette . I will try it and see how it looks if I don’t like the look of it I’ll use it as an eyeshadow so it won’t go wasted . I think it will look really nice as an eyeshadow. The highlighter is called prosecco .
Bronzer -
The bronzer is called dusk and originally I thought it might be too muddy for my skin tone as I’m so fair but I think it will work . It’s going to make a lovely transition eyeshadow also which is good as I like to have that in the palette and won’t have to get that from another palette .
Lip products -
Pinky Promise  - I love this nude pink that is in the palette this will be definitely be worn the most .
Sass Queen - as I’ve talked about in previous Deck Of Scarlet palettes I’m not a fan of hot pinks this looks much darker in the pan so I might be able to mix Pinky Promise and Sass Queen just to make it a little bit lighter .
Overall thoughts -
As I mentioned earlier I’m really not happy with the packaging I only did the swatches and the fall out from the powder we’re falling into the lip products until I covered it with the sheet of plastic so I’m going to have to do this every time I use the palette which I’m not happy about.
Suggestions for further Deck Of Scarlet Palettes .
I would like them to put that flap back in so the lip creams and powder products don’t mix and I would love the next you tuber to be more adventurous with the lip creams it’s been all nudes the last 4 palettes I would love a red and maybe a dark berry to be in the palette . We are in winter after all there are only so many nudes you can have in your collection .
Other then the faults that I have pointed out and there is more this month then ever before I’m really happy with the shadows there really creamy, the bronzer is really nice , the highlight is nice but it may be for darker skin tones then me as a highlight . The lip products as always are really nice and creamy and I love the liners . I do definitely think this is worth the money you get a lot of product I just think Deck Of Scarlet made a mistake by not sticking to the original packaging .
Thanks for reading as always