Wednesday 6 December 2017

Deck Of Scarlet and Melly Sanchez Collaboration Review and First Impressions 

Hello Beauties, 

I am a bit late in the day posting about this palette . Deck of Scarlet a company that collaborate with you tubers every second month it’s a subscription service and this palette was collaborated with Melly Sanchez in September/October it’s palette 04 . 

So your palette and this months palette came with a chubby lip crayon as well which is a gorgeous plum shade perfect for autumn it comes in this well packaged black sleek box . 

Even before you get to the palette you feel like your part of this exclusive club as when you open the box the first thing you see is your in so it’s like your invited to a make up club. 

Every single palette that I have had from Deck of Scarlet and I have 4 out of the 5 of them I’ve really liked . Love the packaging on all of them and this is no exception. Melly and Deck of Scarlet have done an amazing job with it . I love the black and white theme with the black flower . 

What I really like about this months palette is that you got a chubby lip crayon I love these kind of lip crayons and it’s in the most gorgeous shade for autumn . 

I also like that the lip products have been separated from the powders . When there is fall out from the powders they will fall into the lip products if it wasn’t for that flap . 

I love the silver eyeshadow in this palette it’s called Diamond Dust and it’s one of those eyeshadows that is just perfect for the holiday season . Then there is Sagittarius which is a gorgeous aubergine shade I normally use the adorable blush as a transition shade then deepen it out with Sagittarius . Lastly is the shade New York which is a beautiful grey black with glitter in it another great shade for the festive season . I don’t normally wear black or grey eyeshadows and I haven’t tried this shade out yet but I think it would look good in the outer corner and also in the lash line . Last in the powder products is the highlight which is a gorgeous pale highlight which is just perfect for fair skin such as myself . 

Lip products -  The chubby lip crayon Deck Of Scarlet are calling it a lip liner but it’s definitely a lip crayon in my opinion it’s in the shade tease. 

There is a beautiful nude pink called sasha which is just beautiful then a plum shade called Maria which I haven’t used yet . I think that would look amazing paired with the chubby lip crayon . 

Onto the swatches now - 

The eyeshadows are just so pigmented especially Diamond Dust (silver) it just glides on I tend to pat this on with my finger to get the best payoff. 

Sagittarius because it’s a red brown can be a bit choppy but blends out really well. 

New York New York is more of a brown with gold reflective glitters so I’ll be trying this shadow out on the eye lid and seeing how it looks as I think it will make a really nice festive look . 

Face products - 

The highlight is more of a champagne shade but perfect for my skin tone the consistency I would have liked to be a bit creamier as I am used to my high end highlighters that just glide on but I really like this highlight compared to other highlights from the Deck Of Scarlet palettes . 

The blush is universal I don’t personally use it as blush much as it’s too dark for my skintone and I tend to go for lighter blushers I’ve been using it as a transition shade which works really well. 

The 2 lip creams on the end Sasha the nude I love there both really creamy like the other lip creams have been in the other palettes . I thought the shade Maria was more of a berry shade as it looks quite dark in the palette but it’s more hot pink so it wouldn’t really go with that chubby crayon and I’m not sure if I would wear Maria as I don’t like hot pink lipsticks . I may try and customise it by adding some of Sasha or adding a little bit to the tease lip crayon . I’ll bring you further updates on what I decide to do there and hopefully show you some looks I have created with this palette . 

This is the lip crayon in the shade tease it’s very autumnal and glossy really works well with the eye shadows in the palette . 

A bit of info about Deck Of Scarlet - Deck Of Scarlet are an American based subscription service that ship to America, Canada and the UK . The price for every 2 months is $29.95 they collaborate with a different you tuber ever second month . I live in the UK I think the last time I checked it worked out at just under £24 which is pretty good for an entire eye, face and lip palette and you will get extras like lip liners, eye liners, this month there was the chubby lip crayon it all depends what the you tuber likes to use the most I think . 

I think it’s very worthwhile and haven’t bought any new make up in 8 months because I’ve been collecting these palettes . What I like about this subscribtion service it’s like no other . If you don’t like the look of a palette you can say you want to skip that months palette and they will send you out another in 2 months time . I would definitely recommend it to anyone who was thinking about subscribing . 

This palette has been bought with my own money all thoughts and opinions are my own . 

Thanks for reading as always