Saturday 23 September 2017

Oh No Worst Haircut Of My Life Dilema/ Quick Fix Clip Hair Extension Review/ My Thoughts

Hello Lovelies,

I thought I would talk about something very different for me which is Hair a couple of years ago I wanted my hair cut short for the summer but they cut far too much off and I absolutely detested it, it was too short and thin.

I felt like I could barely do anything with my hair even tying my hair back in a elastic which was a bit of a trauma as normally my hair is so thick normally.

Anyway I was looking on ebay and and came across some really nice long curly inexpensive hair extensions that just clip in which looks really nice .

Such a big difference between the first photo and the second photo with the long red hair extension wearing this for a few months made me feel much more confident .

All my friends and family were like gosh you really suit long hair as my hair hadn't been long in a very long time I was surprised at just how different I looked with this hair extension.

If you want to try hair extensions but don't want to pay the costly price that that the salon charges I would definitely recommend trying these hair extensions .

My hair looked so much thicker and glossier with this hair extension and they are perfect for nights out on the town.

Thanks for reading have you ever had a bad experience with your hairdresser ? 

Would love to know if you have had any bad experiences ?