Saturday 30 September 2017

First Impression/ Review On Too Faced Grand Hotel Cafe

Hello Lovelies,

In December I bought this from a make-up group on my  Facebook selling group, I love Too Faced Make Up especially eye shadows and I like the fact that you get 3 little palettes and as well as eye shadows you get blushers and a bronzer

The packaging of Too faced Make - Up never lets you down I'm sure you will all agree this is by far the cutest packaging that I have come across I did buy another one of the holiday sets by Too Faced but this one is much nicer it sit really nicely on the top of my shelf. I have only started using these eye shadow palettes recently and wanted to give you as much of a review as I could and let you know what I thought of the individual palettes .

I love the Christmas themed packaging every year Too Faced bring out really nice holiday make - up but I always miss the sets or they haven't been within my budget. I also like the fact that each individual palette is scented there is egg nog latte, gingerbread cookie and peppermint mocha which I love the scent of by the way

 My favourite of the 3 palettes by a long way has to be the gingerbread cookie palettes I love this entire palette and it's great to take on the go as it's so compact.

These are the swatches from the gingerbread  palette you get a really nice mix of eye shadows normally light shadows such as ivory and white eye shadows there really pigmented.

Ginger Cream is a really nice shadow to use as a base and to blend out your eye shadows should they need it.

Maple Syrup is a dark brown matte eye shadow that looks nice in the lash line or you can create a nice smoky eye with this shadow.

Gingersnap  is a gorgeous gold in the swatch it looks very glittery and it does have fine particles of glitter in it so if you are not a fan of glitter maybe this isn't for you but this shadow is lovely  my favourite from the 3 palettes . This is a gorgeous eye shadow for during the day I just love it.

Winter Dreams is another gorgeous shadow in the palette it's a shimmer lilac with pink undertones with fine particles of glitter like the gold which is stunning it looks much better on the eye lid .

Cup Of Joe is a matte brown in the photo it looks like it's black this is nice to give a smoky eye and also to darken the lash line

Black Coffee is a matte black which is not the most pigmented black in my palette collection but I am glad that too faced have put it in the palette .

The bronzer in this palette is really nice I like it I use this in the crease of my eye as a transition shadow and if I want to deepen the eye look with the shadow maple syrup

This is my second favourite palette I really like this one as well as it has some gorgeous cranberry eye shadows and pink ones this is one of those eye shadows that give you a nice romantic eye look .

Again in this palette Peppermint Cream is very pigmented you can't normally see shadows this light on my eyes as they are similar to my skintone.

Christmas blend is one of those eye shadows that look nice on the eye lid but it also looks nice in the inner corner of your eye to highlight your eye.

Peppermint Mocha is a Cranberry Shimmer eye shadow it looks brown in the swatches but in the pan it's cranberry.

Candy Cane is a really nice matte pink a really nice shadow to use as a transition eye shadow and also it is a good eye shadow to blend out any harsh lines because it is a matte light brown .

Sprinkles is a gorgeous shimmer eye shadow looks gorgeous on the eye it's my favourite eye  shadow in this palette.

Coffee Chip is a matte dark brown palette which is nice this brown is more of a chestnut brown which goes nicely with the cranberry eyeshadows .

Santa Baby Blush this is a gorgeous blush it's very pigmented so you do only need to use a light headed if you go in with a heavy hand you can look like a clown .

 This is my least favourite palette out of the 3 eye shadow palettes I do really love the blusher I think that is the best blusher out of the 2 blushers that you get in the palettes,

Frosty Nog is a good base eye shadow again really pigmented and is showing up really well on my pale skin.

Eggnog Latte is a shimmer eye shadow that you can use as a highlight it looks really good on the eye lid and also on the inner corner.

Iced Coffee is a chestnut shimmer brown  with not too much shimmer so this can also been used as a matte eye shadow.

Skinny Latte is a matte brown really nice to be used in the crease also on the lash line .

Cold brew is a shimmer metallic lilac with silver undertones this is really pretty the only thing with this eye shadow is that it's really gritty.

Central Perk is a gorgeous duo chrome green and is unlike anything in my collection I really love this shadow I've not used this shadow that much and can't wait to use it more .

Peach Cobbler Blush this is by far my favourite blush from the 2 favourite blushes my only gripe with these palettes are that you get 2 blushes. I love the fact that you get a bronzer, you also get the 2 blushes Santa Baby and Peach Cobbler instead of Santa Baby I would have preferred it if too faced would have put a highlighter in one of the palettes .
Other then that I really like these palettes and think they are worth their money and their travel friendly as they don't take much room in your luggage.

I do recommend these palettes if you can get hold of them but as their from last years holiday set I don't think you could get them anymore unless you get it from amazon and they would charge you the triple the price which wouldn't be worth it.

Has anyone tried these eyeshadow Palettes if so what do you think ?