Saturday 9 September 2017

My Review On IT MOVIE 2017 ***Spoilers***

Hello Lovelies,

This is a different post for me today as you can see it's not beauty or make up related.

I haven't blogged in such a long time think the last time was back in July I have had quite a few personal problems to deal with and just not had the time for it even though it's only been a couple of months it feels like it's been much longer and I  have missed it so much. Hopefully things can return back to normal now.

Yesterday I went to see the much anticipated IT MOVIE I remember watching IT Movie Series when I was younger and really enjoyed it . That was before my fear of horror movies set in and to be honest I don't actually have a problem with the original TV Series I didn't actually find it that scary.

I do have a huge fear of clowns though or at least I did have until I went and saw this movie I had seen a few interviews previous and peoples reactions to the movie so I did think it was going to be scary but I also knew it was a 15 and not a 18 so that made me feel better about watching it.
It wasn't half as scary as Imagined it to be which I was relieved by.

There is no way I would go and watch this movie by myself like I do watch some movies by myself sometimes.
I think the actor Bill Skarsgård is absolutely phenomenal as PenneyWise I was amazed and like I said I don't do Horror movies or Clowns so it's a first for me to love this movie as much as I did.

Me having a fear of Clowns stems back to my childhood days think I was maybe 5 and I went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach with my parents and their was a life size clown sat on his throne hysterically laughing and ever since I have had a huge fear but seeing this movie has kind of cured my fears in a strange way.

If you do have a fear of clowns though it may not be the best movie for you to go and see it, it is pretty scary as I was saying Bill Skarsgård is amazing so believable and the children who play the kids are amazing too the scenes are so believable but not overly scary.

I had a vision of it being so scary that I would be screaming and don't get me wrong there are so many jumpy scenes in this movie but it was watchable. I don't like doing these kind of reviews normally as I don't want to spoil it for anyone.  I will just speak about what is in the trailer so the bits that most people have seen.

I think one of my favourite parts of the movie is probably one of the most graphic it's the scene with Georgie he's just so cute and Jackson Robert Scott who plays the role of Georgie played it so well. So the scene starts with the boat and it's pouring with rain and it gets stuck in the drain and then out of nowhere you see pennywise and even though I have seen the trailer so many times it scared me so much and then you see pennywise teeth and there is a bit more of a story behind it but poor Georgie gets dragged into the drain. Me and My Niece had the same reaction our hands were literally over our mouths in shock because it was a pretty graphic scene.

Then there was other scenes that were filmed in the sewers these young actors were so brave because there was no way that I would go into the sewers I know it's only acting but gosh the scenes in there are so scary.

My favourite part of the whole entire movie though as someone who loves make - up though has to be pennywises make up and outfit gosh it's just so good they must have had to top up that make-up so much

I very rarely do reviews on movies I think the last one on my blog was the straight out of Compton that I went to see a couple of years ago with my nephew that I really enjoyed and just felt that I just needed to talk about this movie as well.

If you do like horror movies and you don't mind clowns then I think you will really love this movie I can't rave about it enough. In fact my niece loved it so much she went to see it again this afternoon by herself .

I could tell you about all my favourite scenes but then I would be telling you all the spoilers from the movie and I don't want to do that . I would love to talk about it with you if you have seen it and hear your thoughts on the movie.

Thanks For Reading