Sunday 16 July 2017

First Impressions On Deck Of Scarlet X Nazanin Kavari Eye & Face Palette

Hello Lovelies, I am super excited to talk about this beautiful collaboration by Deck Of Scarlet X Nazanin Kavari . In my opinion they have done a excellent job creating this Eye & Face Palette the palette is gorgeous and right up my street with it being a Neutral Eye Palette whereas Palette 02 Babs Beauty Palette was full of Purple Eyeshadows. This Palette in my opinion is definitely the better one out of the two that I have tried I will talk about the comparisons between the 2 palettes as we go along .

I like the fact that with every palette you get a introduction to the Artist In Chief of the You tuber who has worked with Deck Of Scarlet that month. I didn't know anything about Babs Beauty I checked her You Tube Chanel out and really like her channel and the same goes for Nazanin Kavari I had not watched any of her videos until I got this palette .

In this months Deck Of Scarlet as always you get the lovely palette and a eyeliner with a really fine tip in the Shade Koko Kavari which is a dark brown which is nice it's really subtle . I have to admit though I would have preferred a Lip Crayon over a Eyeliner I don't really use Eyeliner that much as I am not that great at it but it's a Perfect eyeliner to practice with and Practice does make perfect .....

I love the Outer Packaging of this Palette so much and is perfect for travelling we will talk about that next

This Palette is just one of the Dream Palettes for me I love everything in this palette and highly recommend it .

I have done some swatches for you to see what they look like my only critique would be the eyeshadow sho cute is very gritty not quite as gritty as the highlight in the babs beauty palette but all the same it isn't as smooth as the other 2 eye shadows in the palette.

Eye Products ......

Here are the lovely swatches in the shades sho cute which is a shimmer pink glitter eyeshadow the glitter doesn't transfer onto the eyelids but the eyeshadow does feel quite gritty to the touch. Sho Cute is very similar to the blusher in the shade baby doll I prefer this blush to the one in the babs beauty palette .

Taj - is a really nice brown looks really nice when you use it on the lash line or use it to smoke the outer corner of the eyeshadow look out.

Feeling Peachy - is just stunning like the peach eyeshadow in the babs beauty palette it's just beautiful they are both similar in shade .

Face Products .....

Yasmin - is the name of the highlighter this is so different to any of the highlighters in my collection it's golden with a pink shift .

Baby Doll - I love this blusher so much it's really feminine and it's not over pigmented which is really nice .

Lip Products .....

Majesty - is a stunning nude pink and like with the babs beauty palette the lipsticks aren't glosses they are creams they are so nice and they wear for a long time .

Birthday Suit - is a really nice nude brown I haven't even used this lipstick yet I have just swatched it for this blog post and it's lovely. I can't wait to use this lipstick and do a different look with the palette .

What I Noticed Using This Palette -

I noticed some differences between the 2 Palettes the lipsticks smell of Vanilla like the MAC and Charlotte Tilbury whereas when I used the Babs Beauty Palette the Lipsticks didn't smell of Vanilla I love the Scent . If you are Sensitive to Smells though this might bother you.

Also the eyeliner was made in Japan when the Lip Liner was made in the USA in the Babs Beauty Palette that I got this might also be another thing that might bother you I know that some of my Blogger Friends don't like to order from Japan it really doesn't bother me though .

I was just curious as it says the products are made in USA yet the eyeliner in this palette was made in Japan .

I don't think I need to say but in summary this is definitely my favourite palette from the 2 palettes .

So what are your thoughts have you tried any of the deck of scarlet's palettes.