Sunday 10 September 2017

First Impressions/Review On Zoeva Caramel Melange Eyeshadow Palette

Hello Lovelies,

I got this Zoeva Caramel Melange eyeshadow palette quite awhile ago but I have a few palettes that I am yet to review for this blog and wanted to give an honest opinion on it also so I have been using this palette for a few weeks so I can give a honest opinion on the blog for whoever is thinking of trying this palette.

Like all Zoeva palettes this one does not disappoint I think I have 4 or 5 of the Zoeva eyeshadow palettes now and think they are great value for money this one so far is definitely one of my favourites. I get all my Zoeva eyeshadow palettes from Beauty Bay here is the link for the palette which is only £18 to buy which is just a bargain for 10 eye shadows which I have swatches off for you to look at.

As the palette describes all the eyeshadows are beautiful caramel eyeshadows.

Some of the shadows are not showing up true to colour on my arm especially the foiled ones which are just so stunning which I will talk about as we get to them they are perfect lid colours.

Wax Paper - I use this eye shadow constantly when I am setting my eyeshadow base so that the eyeshadows go on.

Universal Delight - is another eye shadow that I use a lot when I want a smooth transition eye shadow .

Aftertaste - is one of my favourites and is a gorgeous burnt orange eyeshadow and looks really nice over universal delight

182 degrees - I know it doesn't look like it but it's a foiled eye shadow it's a bronze eye shadow and just looks so stunning if you have blue or green eyes it really makes them pop and looks great on the eyelid. It has definitely been my most used eye shadow that I have been wearing from the palette on my eyelid.

Liquid Centre - is another favourite of mine which is a dark bronze eye shadow that I have been using a lot.

Alchemy - Is a matte brown really good for your lash line and to give you a natural smoky eye.

Start Soft - is another darker matte brown then Universal Delight that you can also use to deepen out your crease shade.

Finish Sensual - is one of those shadows in the palette that I have only used once or twice with the palettes that I buy there are always one or 2 shadows like this because I don't really do a smoky eye s on myself but it's good to have them in the palettes as my friends and family like me to do it for them. I have used this shade on me a couple of times but just in my lash line and on the outer v of my eye lid.

Almost Burnt - is another gorgeous foiled eye shadow if you ask me the 3 foiled eye shadows alone in this palette make it a great investment and worth every penny. If you love foiled eye shadow I would definitely recommend you purchase this it really is a great palette. This eye shadow is a unique gold and again great for people with blue and green eyes.

Edible Gem - is probably the eye shadow I have used the least out of all the eyeshadows in the palette it's a matte brown with specks of glitter and is a little bit patchy so again like the rest of the dark brown eye shadows I have just been using this eye shadow on my lash line. You can't see the glitters when you use the eye shadow and when you have used the top layer of the eye shadow the glitters don't transfer which is good especially as I have been using it that close to the lash line.

Thanks for reading would love to know your thoughts on this palette?