Wednesday 13 September 2017

Review On Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

 Hello Lovelies,

I thought I would give you my thoughts on this Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil today.
I've had it for quite awhile I bought it in the spring as my lips were getting really dry and flaky and matte lipsticks was making my lips even worse.

Matte lipsticks make my lips really dry so what I have been doing is putting this lip oil on  before I put my lipstick on whether that is a normal lipstick or a matte one.

By doing this it stops my lips looking really dry, chapped and flaky which isn't the most attractive look.

I normally leave the lip oil on for a few minutes and then I dab most of it off with a dry tissue which makes my lips really smooth. You can get different flavours of this lip oil they do a lip oil that isn't scented mine is raspberry which is quite nice,

I tend to use this lip oil in the evening before bed as well so that I wake up the next day with nice smooth lips so I don't always have to use it before I put my lipstick on .

This is one of those lip products that do cost a little bit more but I do definitely recommend it, it is one of the best lip oil that I have tried. I can't use lip balms as they really dry my lips out. I like that it doesn't dry my lips out like lip balms do.

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