Wednesday 5 July 2017

First Impressions/Swatches On MUA Fire Vixen Palette - My Thoughts

Hello lovelies I have been seeing this MUA Fire Vixen Palette all over you tube and twitter lately it's sold at Superdrug for £5 which by the way let me just say What A Bargain That Is ..... anyway I looked in a few Superdrug for this gorgeous palette and couldn't find it and also they ran out of stock on the website and I know why and you will see it too it's very similar to the Naked Heat Palette.

Even the names are similar with the MUA being called Fire Vixen and the Urban Decay Heat Palette the eyeshadows are just so warm in both on the palettes.

All these eyeshadows are super pigmented there are a couple shadows that are a little patchy then others . You will see that from the swatches .

Here are the lighter shadows from the palette I love that there is a nice ivory eye shadow in the palette just makes it easier and means I don't have to go in between 2 palettes so I will use that shadow as usual after  have put on my soft ochre mac paint pot and then this number 1 eye shadow.

Number 2 - is a gorgeous bronze shimmer eyeshadow which is super smooth it's a lovely eyeshadow.

Number 3 - is a light matte brown with caramel undertones perfect for the crease .

Number 4 - is a gorgeous Rose Gold Shimmer really smooth I think this is one of those eye shadows that I use a lot.

Number 5 - is a darker matte red brown which will look really nice on the lash line and outer v

Number 6 - is a darker matte brick red/brown eye shadow it's a gorgeous eyeshadow .

Number 7 - is a more muted grey matte brown eyeshadow I am looking forward to trying this one I don't normally use eyeshadows this colour.

Number 8 - is a gorgeous shimmer rose gold with a shift of orange it's definitely a favourite of mine from the palette based on the swatches alone I haven't actually tried any of the eye shadows yet .

Number 9 - is a gorgeous dark matte brown with grey undertones which is also a nice shadow to use on the lash line. I like that there are no black eye shadows in this palette and they are just dark brown eye shadows .

Number 10 - is a lovely dark bronze shimmer eye shadow another eye shadow I am looking forward to using I love these type of eye shadows.

Number 11 - I really like that you get a nice pearl frosted white shadow that can be used as a highlighter .

Number 12 - this matte orange shadow has to be one of my favourites from the palette just because I don't have many orange eyeshadows the only other I can think off is the one in my Kat Von D Rust Quad which I really love .

Number 13 - I really like these cranberry eyeshadows this is a matte eyeshadow even though they can appear quite patchy this one though doesn't come off patchy at all it blends out so well.

Number 14 - is a cranberry shimmer eyeshadow which is a gorgeous eye shadow I'm looking forward to using this one .

Number 15 - is probably the most patchiest eye shadow in the palette but the most pigmented matte eyeshadow in the palette it's so pretty it did go on patchy but blended out really well as you can see on my arm . I hope it goes that well in my eye .

Overall I love this palette of the swatches alone I just hope the eye shadows look as nice on the eyes . I have got quite a few of the MUA Palettes when they did the Dupes for the Urban Decay Naked Palettes they were called the Undressed Palettes they were really good quality so I am hoping these will be the same .

What are your thoughts on this palette ? Will you be buying it ? Lets talk in the comments below....