Thursday 29 June 2017

First Impressions On Kylie burgundy Palette & Swatches - My thoughts

Hello Beauties, I got this palette last October in the Black Friday Sale I don't think I've ever done a first impressions and swatch post so I thought I would write about my thoughts and let you know if it's worth the hype or not.

            I really love this palette the shadows blend out really well and the eye shadows are just so
            stunning .

Naked - is a gorgeous golden highlight which looks good in on the brow bone and inner corner and also to do a nice Halo Eye look naked is a satin shimmer.

Beach - beach is a gorgeous matte brown eye shadow nice for the crease .

Penny - penny is a orange based matte brown eyeshadow really pretty to deepen out the crease.

LA - LA is a gorgeous gold metallic eye shadow it's my favourite eye shadows in the palette . I love it .

Burgundy - burgundy is another favourite of mine it's a matte burgundy eye shadow the only thing I don't like about it is it's harder to blend out then the other matte eye shadows but that's because it's a burgundy and is very red toned .

Dubai - Dubai is a gorgeous burgundy shimmer metallic eye shadow really love this eye shadow as well.

Brick - brick is a gorgeous red toned brown matte eye shadow really nice to deepen out the lash line

New York - new york is a really nice pretty satin shimmer bronze eye shadow .

Almond - another gorgeous matte dark brown eyeshadow I am really pleased that kylie decided to put a dark brown inside the palette rather then a matte black as I think matte black shadows are just too stark for me and I don't really wear them so it would have been a waste of an eye shadow for me .

I love the packaging of the Kylie Burgundy Palette especially the bronze teardrops dripping out of the eyes on the front of the palette . I like that the palette is tiny and compact it's a great palette to travel with . The only thing that I can find fault with is the palette doesn't have a mirror but I can live with that . Newer palettes from Kylie Cosmetics have mirrors and I think that's great for on the go but if I really wanted this palette which I did at the time it would not stop me buying it and I am glad I have it in my collection .

Looking at this palette it is very similar to the Urban Decay Heat Palette which I didn't realise until just now so I am glad that I managed to sell my urban decay heat palette. I have got others that are very similar .

If you like these kind of shades I do recommend this palette but it is expensive and with the custom fee you could get a morphe palette with similar shades or even the urban decay heat when it comes out in july .

So what are your thoughts on this palette ? Do you have it in your collection ? What do you think of the swatches?