Monday 10 July 2017

First Impressions and Swatches On Burning Embers Palette

Hello Lovelies,
I saw this 25 pan eye shadow palette and i loved it i had to buy it the palette is called The Buning Embers Palette

it is such a beautiful palette with nice neutral warm eye shadows. What I like in particular about this palette is all the eyeshadows have names whereas previous palettes have only had numbers not names of the eyeshadows .

Match - This is a matte eye shadow really nice to use over the lid after I have used my mac paintpot it also helps it makes the eyeshadow go on smoothly .

Light - Another matte eyeshadow this could be used as a highlight on darker skintones then myself for the browbone and inner corner highlight it's also another good eye shadow to use all over the eye lid .

Sparks - is a gorgeous pink pearl shimmer eye shadow with tiny specks of glitter that is not noticeable in the pan.

Flare - is a matte muted grey brown eye shadow I don't think I have an eye shadow in my collection like this so I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Heat - is a really pretty rose gold shimmer eye shadow

Flicker - is a muted grey brown matte eye shadow another eye shadow that is a really nice for the crease of the eye

Glint - is a white shimmer eye shadow and shift pinks in certain light so this is a duochrome eye shadow .

Warmth - is a matte caramel brown eye shadow another one that is great for the crease and blending out darker eyeshadows.

Kindling - is a gorgeous chocoloate matte brown eye shadow I like to use matte brown shadows on the lash line rather then a stark black eye shadow.

Sizzle - is a gorgeous coral peach matte eye shadow I love that MUA have put this eye shadow in this palette as I am loving these kind of eyeshadows at the minute.

Scorch - another matte brown eyeshadow which is nice to give a smoky eye or darken your eye look and even use on the lash line.

Wild Fire - is a rose gold shimmer eyeshadow which is a little bit lighter then the one in the first row

Burn - is a slightly darker matte peach eyeshadow it's a little bit more patchy then sizzle.

Ignite - is a golden bronze shimmer eyeshadow it's really beautiful

Beacon - is a cream matte eyeshadow

Spark - is a rose gold shimmer eyeshadow with a lilac undertone

Blush - is a light brown matte eyeshadow

Torch - is a bronze shimmer eyeshadow it's so beautiful

Energy - is orange based gold eyeshadow another really beautiful eye shadow.

Fume - Is a gorgeous dark matte brown eyeshadow

Char - is an even darker matte brown with black undertones.

Dazzle - is a brown toned bronze shimmer eyeshadow.

Flame - is a gorgeous shimmer cranberry eyeshadow

Blaze - is a dark burgundy eyeshadow really reminds me of the burgundy out of the kylie burgundy palette

Insert swatches here -

I didn't expect much from this mua eyeshadow palette I am so pleased with the pigmentation and it's such great value at just £8
That's only 32p per eye shadow the real test will when I come to use this palette as so far I have only done finger swatches but I am so impressed with it .

Have you tried this palette ? What are your thoughts ?