Sunday 4 June 2017

My Top 5 TV Shows On Netflix - Recommendations

Hello Beauties,

Today I thought I would talk about my top 5 TV Shows on Netflix I think I did this last year but think it was Top 10 and and the shows that I watch have changed since I did the last one.

One show that has not changed is Pretty Little Liars I have loved this show from day one it's pretty much the only tv show that I have kept up to date this tv show is to me what gossip girl is to me back when that was on tv that was my favourite show. Reminds me of gossip girl in the sense that the girls are stylish and there always trying to find out who A is or A.D as it is now it was the same with gossip girl they were always trying to find out who was responsible there .

As we are in season 7 and there won't be any more seasons after this one we will soon get to find out who A.D is I just hope it's not as obvious as gossip girl was I had that show figured out from season 2 .
 1. Pretty Little Liars is definitely my favourite show that I am going to talk about today but there are some good recommendations. if this one is not for you.  I know it's not for everyone it's more of a chick flick teen show but I love it.

2. 13 Reasons Why - This is quite somber and has been given a 18 rating for a reason but it has a strong powerful message to send . I watched the whole of the first season within about 4 days I just binge watched it . I could relate to Hannah Bakers story in a sense I got bullied for 4 years in high school and they were tough times . It's easy to see why she did what she did I think if your 18 or over this should be one for you to watch .

3. Like 13 Reasons Why I started watching The Crown on peoples recommendations I didn't think I would like it even though I loved Victoria that was on last year every time I saw this on Netflix I just skimmed past it but oh my gosh it's so good the acting in this show is phenomenal . Like 13 Reasons Why I seem to be getting through this show so quickly.

I have only just started watching The Crown and I am more then half way through the series it's a show I definitely recommend . I heard that they are filming a season 2 on both 13 Reasons Why and The Crown which I am really happy about I love finding new tv shows to watch.

4. The Originals I have liked this show ever since Claus came into The Vampire Diaries and then they made The Originals the spin off from that to be honest quite controversial this will sound but I actually prefer The Originals to The Vampire Diaries it's more grown up . I haven't watched The Vanpire Diaries since season 3 or 4 I definitely have to catch up with that show but I also have to catch up with the Originals there is at season that I have not watched this show so no spoilers guys (:.

5. Last but by no means least is Once Upon A Time again so far behind with this at least 2 seasons but I'll catch up eventually . I started watching this around the same time I started watching PLL I think and I have just took more of a interest in PLL but that is almost over so I will be able to catch up with the shows that I started and never got around to finishing . I might even try and do reviews on the shows what I thought and put spoiler alert in the title so that people know not to read it if they don't want a run down of the story and what my thoughts are on this it's just something different to do for the blog.

Thanks for reading as always so what are your Netflix recommendations ?