Tuesday 6 June 2017

My Top 5 Nude Essence Lipsticks - Recommendations

Hello Beauties, I have been using quite a lot of make up from essence cosmetics over the last couple of weeks I have had these lipsticks for quite awhile but some of the other essence cosmetics I have been talking about have been new purchases and I have so much more to talk about in future posts . A recent purchase that I bought from essence cosmetics was the eye and face palette in 02 you can read all about it Here .

I prefer the matte lipsticks from essence cosmetics rather then the cream lipsticks just because they last a little bit longer not as long as something like a kylie liquid lipstick but I have to admit lately I am not liking them as much as I did when I originally bought them and there so expensive whereas the matte lipsticks from essence are really creamy and they do last around 4 hours which is pretty decent before you need to top up which isn't too bad.

Here are the matte lipsticks that I have .....

1. The shade that I wear quite a lot during the day for a natural day look is the lightest shade which is 01 it's definitely my favourite for that no make up make up look.

2. There really isn't that much difference between the shades 01 and 02, 02 is more brown toned while 01 is more of a pink nude lipstick so It depends on what your preferences are . I definitely don't think you need both of these lipsticks because they are quite similar but they are so cheap if you love lipsticks as much as me how can you not right ?

Onto number 3 ....

3. I feel like this is where the colour of the lipsticks intensify so much as it's more of a brown/red which is clearly not a nude but was sold with the essence nude collection in any case 01 and 03 have to be a favourite from the essence lipsticks that I am going to talk about in this post. 03 is a gorgeous shade if you want to be a bit bolder with your choice of lip colour or you are going out for the evening.

 The packaging of these lipsticks I really love I feel like for such an inexpensive brand essence really stepped up their game these lipsticks are so pigmented and very creamy which is surprising considering there matte lipsticks . They remind me a little of the charlotte tilbury formula most lipsticks that are matte are not creamy at all and charlotte tilbury is exactly the same as these essence cosmetics ones very creamy.

Here are the lovely swatches from the matt collection I would say if you only choose one lipstick from the essence collection choose maybe 01 or 02 for day and 03 for the evening you will get both lipsticks for under £6  you can't say fairer then that.

I did say I had 2 more from the essence cosmetics collection though so here we go there also different finishes there is a long lasting lipstick and a cream lipstick.

4. Long lasting 06 out of the next 2 lipsticks that I am going to talk about the long lasting lipstick is definitely my favourite as I am used to wearing long lasting lipsticks and although I have started to wear more neutral lipsticks lately I still tend to gravitate towards darker shades and this one is a gorgeous high shine brown toned lipstick .

Last but certainly not least is shade 07 Natural beauty I love the fact that essence cosmetics have give this lipstick a name for some reason I just don't like it when brands don't make the effort to give their cosmetics names primark you to be the same on their ps beauty line but now they have given everything a name so big shout out to primark for doing that it's only a small thing but as a consumer it makes me happy

5. The last shade is 07 Natural beauty and I have swatched this the last not because I like it the least it's actually a really pretty colour and I am definitely going to have to try and get more use out of it as well as all the other essence lipsticks I have spoke about they haven't gotten any attention for awhile . 07 is a lot more sheer then the rest of the lipsticks that I have spoke about today and that is why I don't wear it a lot . Some people will love that but for me I don't really I like to have a lipstick on for at least a couple of hours before I have to top up

There will probably be some mixed opinions with what I am going to say next I go back to what I was saying earlier how I am so glad that they changed the lipsticks bullet to the beautiful rose gold and silver bullet they just look so much more prettier and sleek some people might disagree and say that the black ones look more sleek with it being matte black plastic but I definitely prefer the frosted rose gold look .

Time for the swatches on these last lipsticks ---

The last swatches again we have 2 more beautiful lipsticks they are both high in pigmentation and very creamy I just prefer the long lasting shade as it does last a little bit longer then the natural beauty lipstick and is a little bit more pigmented as well.

Final Thoughts....

I would definitely recommend that you pick up at least one of these lipsticks to try if memory serves me correctly I think I paid £2.60 for each of them and they are so worth it this is not a sponsored post and I am not on their PR list I just wanted to give you my honest thoughts as always guys .

What are your thoughts have you tried any of the essence cosmetics lipsticks ? What is your favourite I would love to know.