Friday 2 June 2017

My Colour Pop Eye Shadows - Review

Hello Beauties, I have been meaning to write this post as well as do swatches for quite some time now so here goes.

I first heard about colour pop from you tube so many beauty influencers recommended colour pop as they were so pigmented and so inexpensive that is if you live in the U.S if you are from the U.K like myself however there not as cheap to buy unless you can get them from depop or a facebook selling page . I had placed about 3 orders with colour pop when I realised there was an easier way around it then ordering from the source directly and could have saved myself a lot of money. I don't regret it though as I have been able to try the brand out and the eye shadows are just stunning they beat some of my high end eye shadows hands down the shimmer eye shadows look metallic you have to work a bit harder with the matte eye shadows .

Lets get into the swatches.....

1st row from left to right .....

The lightest shade is not really showing up on my arm because as always with as always with cream eyeshadow it blends into my skin (sometimes I hate being so pale) maybe when I swatch pale shades like this one I should put a little bit of foundation or my mac paint pot on my arm just to get the shadow to show up more but then it wouldn't be a true representation of the shadow . What do you guys think?

The cream shadow is called cop a feel it's such a nice matte cream lovely to set my mac paint pot and make sure that the rest of my eye shadows blend seamlessly and if you know me by now and have been reading my blog awhile you know I love me a good cream eye shadow.

Next is shark attack oh my gosh guys I am in love with this shadow I actually forgot how nice it was it's like a burnt orange gold so so pretty.

Next is Tinsel now I don't normally go for purple eyeshadows as I don't think they suit me that well but this eye shadow is more lavender and doesn't give you too much of a smoky eye which I like . I don't think I suit the smoky eye look at all. I also like tinsel has flecks of silver glitter running through it, it makes it different.

Next is on the rocks another gorgeous eye shadow it's another bronze eyeshadow with flecks of gold shimmer that dazzle in the light it's stunning.

Last but not least on the 1st row we have drift it's one of those gorgeous red toned rich burgundy eye shadows I loved so much. This eye shadow is a strange one as it's like a demi matte you look at it and think it's a matte with specks of gold and it just glides on like a shimmer eye shadow would so so pretty if you like these kind of eye shadows this is one I highly recommend.

Off the first row I would recommend shark attack and drift there just so pretty .

Onto the 2nd row of swatches.....

The eye shadow so quiche is one of those eye shadows that are great for that smoky eye look I am not sure this eye shadow is for me I will do a look with it and decide and if I don't like it put it on my Instagram selling page I've only swatched it so far.

Next is blaze this is a gorgeous metallic gold eye shadow it looks very sheer in the swatch but trust me when I say you can build it up and it looks stunning . Perfect for the holiday season.

Next is hot tamale is a matte rich red/brown with flecks of gold in it so beautiful I feel like it's close in colour to drift however and don't believe you need both shadows in your collection unless you want to collect the eye shadows .

Next is cheap date another gorgeous gold shadow if I had to choose between blaze and cheap date I would choose cheap date just because this one is more pigmented .

Last but not least in the 2nd row is nillionaire a gorgeous bronze shimmer with silver in it that catches the light so stunning so again if I had to choose just two eye shadows from the five that are on the 2nd row I would choose cheap date and nillionaire as I think these shadows are the most pigmented and I love my eye shadows to pop especially on my eye lid . I like the eye shadow on my crease to be very subtle .

Eyeshadows on the 3rd row

First up on the 3rd row is one of my favourite eye shadows from colour pop and that is game face you should see a pattern here that I love warm toned eye shadows and it doesn't really matter to me whether we are in spring, summer, autumn or winter I tend to wear the same sort of eye shadow all year around and I know I should experiment more with colour and I have been there was a time it was all neutral eye shadows I wouldn't go anywhere near red toned eye shadow.

Next is mooning for me this shadow is more a eye liner type eye shadow to smoke my eye shadow out rather then to use on my actual eye again it's another red/brown shade with gold shimmers and is matte .

Next is hanky panky a gorgeous transition crease eye shadow it's a matte light brown eye shadow and blends out seamlessly.

Next is telepathy I actually have this shadow twice it's a good job I like it . I bought it off someone selling it on facebook not realising it was part of the Kathleen lights where the night is collab is and then I bought that and realised it was the same eye shadow not that I am bothered as it is a lovely eye shadow and if you have the urban decay gwen stefani palette there is a shadow in the palette which is very similar when I use telepathy what I normally do I use the shadow from the gwen stefani palette first and then I will use telepathy and it just looks beautiful.

Last but not least is one of my favourites in this row just because it's such a beautiful rose gold eye shadow again if you have Kathleen lights where the night is I don't believe you need this shadow as well as they are very similar in tone this shade is called lala and the one from the Kathleen lights collab I am referring to is called weenie which is also beautiful.

Two eye shadows that I would pick from the 3rd row have to be la la and game face

Do you use colour pop eye shadows which are your favourite I know this is a long post thanks for sticking with me if you have made it this far (:.

I do have quite a lot of the ultra matte lipsticks that I will be talking to you about in a upcoming post and a couple of highlighters and a blush .

I just wish these customs charges weren't so expensive what do you guys think about that?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts .