Wednesday 7 June 2017

My Thoughts On The Tarte Tartelette Palette

Hello Beauties, I have been trying eye shadow palettes out that I have had for awhile but not got much use out of and this one I bought of a make up selling page when I heard all the hype around it and wanted to try it. I got it for a really good price at the time and I thought why not . The seller was selling this one and the tartelette in bloom palette which I really wanted at the time I have since changed my mind .

If you like a palette that is just full of matte eye shadows your going to love this palette it's just full of matte eye shadow not a shimmer insight . I personally don't just use all matte eye shadows and I have got the urban decay basics unlimited and this hasn't really been getting that much use since.

Onto the swatches....

First Row Left To Right

Free Spirit - free spirit is a gorgeous cream eye shadow that I use to set my primer so that my eye shadow applies smoothly this eye shadow is so creamy and goes onto the eye really well .

Force Of Nature - force of nature is a lovely shadow for the crease to use as a transiton eye shadow very creamy and blends out really well tarte describe this shadow as a nude shadow I would say it's more of a light brown.

Dreamer - dreamer is super pigmented sounds silly but it's almost like it's too pigmented you really need to be careful with this shadow as if you put too much on it will look a mess a little definitely goes a long way. dreamer is a warm brown that will look good on the lash line and out corner to give that gorgeous smoky eye.

Multi - Tasker last but certainly not least in the last row is a shade called multi tasker which is a very dark brown on the swatch it looks patchy just as dreamer does but they both blend out really well. tarte say this shadow is a chocolate shadow and I agree it looks almost black .

Second Row Left To Right -

Caregiver - caregiver is a gorgeous creamy pale pink that applies very smoothly.

Second Shade is Natural Beauty NOT Wanderer - it's very pigmented I found that you had to work a little harder to blend this eye shadow but it is a very blendable eye shadow it's not as smooth as the others in the palette though and this is a lovely mauve eye shadow

Best Friend - best friend is a dark brown/plum shadow or that is what I would say anyway what the tarte website says is that it is a mulberry eyeshadow it is  really pretty and blends out really well as well .

Bombshell - Bombshell is a little bit trickier to work with like dreamer it's very pigmented so you need to be careful how much you actually put on your brush . Bombshell and dreamer would be great shadows for smoky eyes . bombshell is a plum shadow.

Last Row From Left To Right -

Super Mom - A gorgeous ivory shadow that for me would set my primer but for anyone with a medium to dark skin tones could use super mom and free spirit as a matte highlight . I personally like to use shimmer highlight in the corner of my eye and brow bone so these shadows would not work for me for that purpose .

Wanderer - Wanderer is another one of those shadows that are great for the crease this shadow is also not as smooth as some of the other eye shadows in the palette but again it blends out really well. wanderer is a light brown shadow

Power Player - Power Player is a gorgeous dark brown shadow again this is how I would describe it the tarte website describe it as taupe it is goof  for the lash line and the outer corner of the eye for definition I found that it blended out really well but wasn't as smooth as some of the other eye shadows in the palette.

Fashionista - Fashionista is a gorgeous pigmented black if you wear black eye shadow your going to love this one as it's so creamy and did I mention pigmented . Most matte blacks I have tried in other palettes have been a bit blah but this one is really nice .

Overall Thoughts ....

There are a few inconsistencies in the palette like 4 of the shadows not being as creamy . power player looks like a plum shadow in the palette but does not swatch like that. A lot of the eye shadows in  the palette are very similar there are a lot of brown and purple toned shadows I believe there could have been different shadows that could have been put in there. Also tarte put two cream shadows in I don't believe the palette needs that.

Should you buy this palette?

I think if you are a collector and like tarte eye shadow palettes as a lot of people do and want to support the brand  then sure definitely try it especially if you can pick it up for a cheap price like I did. I think if you don't have similar shadows in your collection it will also be for you if you.

I really don't think it's worth the hype some of the shadows in my opinion were gritty which made them harder to work with.  Before buying it online I would definitely recommend you swatch this palette instore if you can  if you live in the U.S Sephora sell it .

Thanks for reading as always do you have this palette if so what are your thoughts on it ?