Friday 9 June 2017

First Impressions / Review On The Tartelette Tease Palette

Hello beauties, I have been using this little beauty lately it's the tarte  tartelette tease palette and thought I would share swatches with you and talk about it with you.

I have had this palette since last year and I had only used it a handful of times recently these past couple of weeks I have been getting a lot of use out of it and is definitely going to be featured in my may favourites. I forgot how good it was and it's a lovely palette to take on the go .

Let's Talk About The Palette -

Firstly this palette is so cute the packaging I like and I think it's nice that there is a small mirror so you can take it on the go . I like that there are a mixture of  matte and shimmer eyeshadows you get 4 matte eye shadows and 2 shimmer eye shadows in the palette which is nice.
This palette smells amazing guys unsure of what it smells of but it's definitely scented it reminds me of the too faced chocolate bar palette .

First Row

Whisper - Whisper is a gorgeous cream ivory shadow that is what I think any way but tarte are calling it a light pink which I disagree with.  I use this after I have used my mac paint pot so that my eye shadows blend well it's very creamy. Also this shadow would work well on medium to dark skin tones as a matte highlight.

Crush - tarte named this eye shadow correctly as it's my favourite shimmer in the palette it's a taupe eye shadow and has specks of glitter running through it, it's really nice  and I have a huge crush on this eye shadow.

Heartbreaker - Heartbreaker is a matte dark brown which for me I would use it on the lash line and the outer corner to smoke out and define your eye look.

                                   Here are the swatches of the above eye shadows

Last Row

Wink - Wink is a gorgeous light mauve shadow I feel like it's too similar to whisper I would have preferred tarte put in a really nice light brown eye shadow to use as a crease / transition shadow .

First Kiss - first kiss is a mauve shimmer another really pretty shimmer eye shadow.

BFF - bff is not as smooth as the other matte eye shadows in the palette but it does blend out really well . It is very pigmented so a little goes a long way. The eye shadow is a really nice plum eye shadow .

If you are a collector of tarte eye shadow palettes and have the original tartelette palette you can use force of nature or wanderer as a nice crease / transition eye shadow

                                           Here are the above swatches

This palette is described as the pocket version of the tartelette palette and I would agree with that the tarte website says that all the eye shadows in the tartelette tease palette are new shadows but they are similar to the shadows in the tartelette palette especially the shadow best friend from the tartelette palette and bff from the tartelette tease palette.

I actually prefer this tartelette tease palette to my tartelette palette and have decided to sell my tartelette palette as I am just not getting the use out of it .

I genuinely feel if the shadow wink would have been one or 2 shades darker this palette would have been pure perfection for me on a personal level.

I really recommend this palette it was inexpensive I bought it from qvc if you live in the U.K try there I am unsure if they still sell it . Tarte and Sephora website sell this if you live in the U.S or if you want to get it shipped to the U.K

What do you think of the palette ? do you have it would love to know your thoughts.