Wednesday 31 May 2017

My Top 5 Summer Blushers - My Recommendations

Hello Beauties, today I want to talk about my favourite blushers that I have been enjoying using through spring and summer .

1. Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette - I absolutely adore this face palette I love the packaging and it's just so gorgeous I love that you get the big mirror inside the palette . My favourite blush from this palette is definitely the rose spritz it's just a perfect summer blush that gives you that lit from within look and you don't need to use highlight as the blush gives your skin that really nice summer glow  (I'll talk about highlighters in another post )

2. This Becca Palette I haven't had that long but this is another favourite of mine well one blush out of the whole palette is a favourite of mine and it is very similar to the shade rose spritz from the becca x Jaclyn hill face palette .

My favourite blush from this Becca Blushed With Light Palette shade without any shadow of a doubt is called snapdragon and it's such a beautiful luminescent blusher very similar to rose spritz

3. Nars Orgasm Blush

This blusher is a limited edition of Nars Orgasm I believe I loved the original Nars Orgasm blush and when I realised that you got 8G in this blush I thought I would buy it as it's yes another luminescent blush it's peach with gold undertones and again gives you that gorgeous lit from within look .

The only thing that I don't like about Nars is the packaging I hate that it gets so grubby because it's rubberised plastic other then that it's really hardwearing and you get a nice size mirror which is nice.

I loved the plastic so much that I decided to keep it on and just take it out when I use the blush it can be a little annoying as sometimes it can be hard to get out but it makes the blush look unique .

This was the first high end blusher that I got and I don't regret it at all as you get so much product so it would last you for such a long time and is just such a beautiful blush one of Nars best sellers .

4. Benefit Galifornia

This is a fairly new blush to my collection I love this blush as well, again it is a peach blush with gold undertones which is just perfect for spring/summer months .

In my opinion I think this is definitely the best blusher that I have tried from Benefit and I do have 2 other blushers from Benefit . I have Hervena and Rocketeur I prefer Galifornia over both of those blushes .

If you are thinking of getting this blush I highly recommend you do buy it, it's just beautiful it even smells of summer like sun cream or coconut and the brush that you get with it seems to blend out the blush so much better then the previous blushers that I have tried . The packaging is much nicer the whole blush just screams summer to me . If you haven't already guessed I am pretty obsessed with this blusher :).

5. H&M Pink Coral Pure Radiance Blush -

I remember when I got this blush I bought it more for the packaging yes I am a sucker for beautiful packaging.

What first drew me to the blush was the hexagonal shape of it and the fact that it's black and gold it's so sleek looking and really compact . The drawback that some people might find to this is that it does not have a mirror I actually don't mind that as I have so many compacts with mirrors .

Isn't this the most beautiful coral shade very similar to the Galifornia so if you did want a cheaper option I would say perhaps go and take a look at this one I can't remember exactly how much this was but it was really inexpensive I think maybe £7.99 which is quite reasonable for a blush it's really pigmented as well just like the galifornia blush .

Time for the good stuff swatches yay ....

There is definitely a recurring theme here isn't there just look how similar all of the blushers are and no I don't need so many blushers so similar just one would suffice but as a collector I love to try different brands and give you my honest opinion on them in the form of a review.

I thought rose spritz and snapdragon were very similar when I came to  swatch them I could see that they were very different rose spritz is a lot darker infact snapdragon looks more like Nars Orgasm . H&M Coral Radiance is very close to Both Becca's Snapdragon and Nars Orgasm also and Benefit Galifornia is just a little darker but it has the gold undertone to give you that lit from within look.

All of these blushers make your skin glow you would not need a highlight if you didn't want to use one but if your anything like me then you will use one anyway . I will be doing my top 5 highlights in an upcoming post now that is going to be a hard post because I have so many of them .

Thanks for reading as always would love to know what your fave blush is it makes my day when I see a comment from you all :).