Saturday 10 June 2017

How I Style My Bralette - Fashion

Hello Beauties, I had been thinking about doing this post and then I was approached by a company called which is a subscription for underwear and your first set is $19.95 the idea behind it is that it's the same as glossy box and birch box so you take a quiz and they send you a set on the answers that you give.

This is the kind of bralette I would choose I think this is really stylish as a fuller curvier woman myself with this one you get a lot of support it's a very classic style I especially like the criss cross style at the top I think underneath a white shirt with a few buttons open it would look really classic.

To upstyle the bralette I would wear something stylish like this black leather skirt and I also like this tan leather skirt .

I think the bralette would look lovely with this gorgeous tan leather skirt and this gorgeous tan leather jacket over the top .

This Jacket would also go with the black leather jacket and to dress down the bralette I would wear some black skinny jeans.

These kind of jeans would look good with the bralette as they are really edgy and the bralette is very feminine and so is the tan leather jacket .

To dress the bralette down and make it wearable for everyday I would style it with an oversized shirt like this and keep a few buttons open so you can see the style of the bralette.

I really like these kind of shoes for both casual wear and dress up as I don't like too much of a heel.

So this is my style to finish off are, a couple of bralettes I would love to have if I wasn't so top heavy I think they are beautiful.

This is such a feminie lovely bralette I can imagine this would make you feel sexy while being very feminine . If I ever see anything like this in my size I definitely think I would consider purchasing it and then there is this one I love.

This is another one that is gorgeous it's a stunning plum shade I love the style of this bralette and would love to wear something like this .

I need to pick up some bralette's as they do look really nice I said earlier that I was approached by someone from but by no way is this a sponsored or advertised post as this is my style and none of the items featured are from the website . I do think however it's a good subscription to sign up to if you like sexy and feminine underwear . I think you should definitely check the website out

What do you think of the bralette?