Sunday 11 June 2017

Emma Hardie Starter Kit First Impressions - What I Think

Hello Beauties, I received this Emma Hardie starter starter set in February for my birthday I've been using it since april and I absolutely love it .

You get emma  hardie's award winning amazing moringa cleansing balm this is the best cleanser that I have ever used and I highly recommend it . Yes it is expensive for a cleanser but It is the best cleanser that I have used by far and your make up is removed so easily with this cleanser and that includes the most stubborn of mascara and eyeliner .

I like that it's an oil rather then a cream or micellar water I normally use garnier miscellar water which I like but after using this emma hardie amazing face moringa oil I don't think I will use another cleanser again . Yes it is expensive but it is worth every penny . I now understand what the hype is surrounding this cleanser . I would definitely recommend it when I use my kylie lip kits and colour pop ultra matte lipsticks all my other cleansers don't remove them unless I really scrub my lips which makes them incredibly sore this moringa oil though it just comes off so easily.

You can see how much I love this cleanser it's the only cleanser that I have been using over the last couple of months .

This is something that is on my favourites list this month and also on my purchases that I would buy again I definitely recommend this product.

You also get the emma hardie amazing face age support cream I have used this a few times but I haven't really noticed any difference if I am being honest I will continue to use it and do a more indepth review on it . Next time I get the moringa oil I will get the bigger pot which is slightly more expensive then the starter set but now I know I like it I will get the 100ML instead of getting another starter kit.

This moringa cleansing balm also makes your skin feel silky smooth if you have been curious about try this product I would definitely recommend that you try the emma hardie starter kit as you get the cleansing balm the age support cream and a face cloth to use with the moringa oil . If you live in the U.K you can pick it up from marks and spencer.

Have you tried this what are your thoughts?