Sunday 25 June 2017

First Impressions On Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette - My Thoughts

Hello Beauties, I recently bought the Urban Decay Heat Palette when it came though I decided it was just too similar to some of the palettes that I have in my collection already so I decided to sell it and buy this beautiful Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. I'm such a fan of the too faced palettes rather then the Urban Decay ones I just feel like they are so much nicer.

These eye shadows are just so beautiful I wanted this palette the first time it was released and then when it was re-released again I thought about buying it but as I wear more neutrals like the colours from the too faced chocolate bar I wasn't so sure if I would get use out of this palette so I bought the dupe to this palette the I heart make up peaches and chocolate palette and I was surprised at just how much I like the palette and used the Peach Shadows in the palette so I decided to buy this Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette . I only bought it last week and so far I have only used it once I've done some swatches for the purpose of this post and I will be giving a full review in a few weeks when I have used it more this is more of a First Impressions on this gorgeous palette.

I love the smell of the palette there is some debate about this palette not smelling like Peaches I have heard a lot of people it smells more like a chemical peach scent whatever it smells like I really like it . 

1st row

White Peach - is a great shadow to put down after you have used your eye shadow primer it's barely showing up on my skin tone as my skin is so white . I use this shadow after I have used my mac paint pot in soft ochre so I get a smooth transition of eye shadows . White peach is a matte eye shadow.

Luscious - is a beautiful champagne shimmer eyeshadow looks really beautiful all over the eye lid.

Just Peachy - is a gorgeous peach shimmer eye shadow really reminds me of nars orgasm in eye shadow in eyeshadow form . nars orgasm is my favourite blush I think this is why I like this eye shadow so much.

Bless Her Heart - I haven't used this eye shadow on my eyes yet but it's a beautiful khaki eye shadow I love eye shadows this shade and i'm really looking forward to trying it out . This is also a shimmer eye shadow .

Tempting - were getting onto the darker shadows now and I don't really wear dark eye shadow but I will do a look with these eye shadows see what they look like . Tempting is coming across black in the photo but in actual fact it's a very dark purple and it's a matte eye shadow.

Charmed I'm Sure - this is another matte eye shadow it's a gorgeous chocolate brown eye shadow much darker then I would normally go for but I love it.

2nd Row

Nectar is gorgeous yellow toned gold shimmer eye shadow again another one I haven't tried . I haven't tried most of these shadows as I have only had it a short while and I have been trying the new Deck Of Scarlet palette that I received . be easier for me to say what eye shadows I have tried as we go along.

Cobbler - is a beautiful bronze eyeshadow I cannot wait to see what this looks like on I'm actually thinking about doing 7 different looks using this palette in 7 days and showing you all what I create let me know in the comments if you think that is a good idea. Cobbler is a shimmer eye shadow really pretty .

Candid Peach - I just love candid peach I like to use this in the crease and just peachy on the eye lid looks really feminine and pretty .

Bellini - is a gorgeous rose gold shimmer eye shadow this is another eye shadow I can't wait to try.

Peach Pit - is a really dark bronze you will be able to create a nice smoky eye with this shimmer eyeshadow .

Delectable - this is a purple matte eye shadow another eye shadow that would create a nice smoky eye

3rd & Final Row.

Peaches 'n' Cream - this is a really nice light peach matte eye shadow which looks really nice in the crease .

Georgia - is a nice matte light peach eye shadow which looks beautiful in the crease with summer yum and candid peach.

Caramelized - is another bronze shimmer eye shadow looks really nice in the swatch I haven't tried it out yet.

Puree - is a lovely dark brown verging on a brick red eye shadow which are the kind of eye shadows that I like .

Summer Yum - is a gorgeous brick red matte eye shadow I have used this eye shadow looked really nice in the crease and on the lash line.

Talk Derby To Me - is a matte purple eye shadow with fine glitters in it . I've not tried it on the eyes but it swatches really patchy in fact most of the dark eye shadows do in the palette are like that especially the purple shadows .

My first impressions on this palette is that I think too faced did a great job with this palette and I can't wait to create more looks with this palette .

What are your thoughts on this palette do you have it would love to know your thoughts in the comment section.

Thanks for reading as always