Friday 23 June 2017

First Impressions on Deck Of Scarlet X Babs Beauty Collaboration - My thoughts

Hello Beauties, I have been waiting to bring you this first impressions of the Deck Of Scarlet x Babs Beauty Collaboration for so long now at least a good 7 weeks I thought it would never come i'm a very impatient woman when it comes to my make up.
I got a email saying it would ship the first week of June and it still hadn't shipped 2 weeks ago so I had to get in contact with Deck Of Scarlet customer services to see when I could expect my palette as I had already paid for It . Deck Of Scarlet were very nice and explained that this particular palette was in high demand and I would receive it in the next week and I woke up to the courier pressing my buzzer this morning and could not wait to write this first impressions post and do the swatches of the palette and all that good stuff.

The packaging of this palette is absolutely stunning it's ideal for travelling I love the HOT pearlescent writing on the front of the palette. This really feels like a luxury item the packaging is as luxurious as the palette itself . Deck Of Scarlet really go that extra mile in making you feel like your part of an exclusive vip club with it saying that your in at the top of the box and the 2 cards that they send one from the you tuber who helped collaborate the palette and one from Deck Of Scarlett themselves.

Onto the good stuff the swatches .......

The first eye shadow Peachy Keen is my favourite eye shadow from the palette looks stunning on the eye lid .

Next is Making Mauves I found this to be a bit grittier then Peachy Keen and harder to work with this happens with a lot of darker mattes that I have tried and I managed to blend it out quite well in the end .

The most pigmented eye shadow in the palette was the shadow Sophia it's a gorgeous vibrant purple I am not sure it's for me I thought that about making mauves though and once blended out it's really a beautiful eyeshadow .

Face Products ......

Highlighter is in the shade Gilded I have a love hate relationship with this highlighter it a really nice champagne shade and works really well as a brow bone and inner corner highlight I don't think it's a good highlight for the face as it has very fine glitters in it and doesn't sit well on the face especially if you have large pores like myself.

Blusher is in the shade Bobdy which is a gorgeous purple blusher I love it which is a shock to me as I never wear blushers this vibrant this is another product that is super pigmented don't make the same mistake as me I went in a bit heavy handed I had to blend it out with a little bit of powder.

Lip Products.....

The first lip product in the palette is a Pink/Purple Shade looking at these lip products in the pan of the palette you would think they were lip glosses there however really nice cream lipsticks and this first shade is called Plump.  I wore this earlier and it looks really nice on the lips I really didn't think this was the type of shade that would suit me this came as another surprise at the fact that I liked it so much.

Next is a gorgeous brown lipstick in the shade Brownies I haven't tried this lipstick yet this will be tomorrows look I think.

Last but not least you get a graphic lip crayon I thought it was a eye crayon at first I wish it was I love those eye crayons you can buy I have quite a lot of them in my make up collection. 

I guess you can try and use it as a eye liner as it's not sticky so it could be used as a dual product. The lipstick is more of a autumn/winter lipstick rather then a spring/summer lipstick it's a gorgeous colour though . I would say it's just a little bit darker then thebrownies lip cream in the palette.

I decided to get this palette because I had never heard of make up subscriptions that offer something like this and thought it was a really good idea for me to buy a palette and share my thoughts on this with my readers and subscribers on you tube .

I have seen a few bigger you tubers who have been sent this palette by Deck Of Scarlet to give a review of the palette the only problem with that is if they are sponsored to talk about it on their channel they are restricted on what they say whereas I don't have that issue as I have paid for this myself so I can give you my honest opinion as always and don't have to filter what I say.

So Who Are Deck Of Scarlett and What Do They Do ?

If you haven't heard of Deck Of Scarlet here is how it works Deck Of Scarlet is a Subscription Service like Glossybox & Birchbox which I went onto cancel so that I could get Deck Of Scarlet instead I couldn't justify getting all 3 subscription boxes.

Like with any subscription service you just need to go to Deck Of Scarlet website and register you need to register your card details so that payment can be taken out every time you are sent a palette. What I love about this subscription service is that you don't have to take every palette you can skip a month these palettes are collectables collaborations with you tubers so I don't think I would skip a palette unless I really didn't like it . You see what you are getting before Deck Of Scarlet ship the palette out and they give you plenty of time to skip the palette.

Once you have signed up you get a palette every 2 months worth $150 the price you pay for the palette is $29.95 plus p&p you can sometimes get offers with my first palette I got a 30% discount which helped with the shipping costs.

Every palette is collaborated with a popular you tuber and is limited edition once it's sold out it's sold out you can't get it again.

Deck Of Scarlet is made in the USA they ship to America, Canada and the U.K which is great because not a lot of brands like this ship to the U.K .

Deck Of Scarlet is Cruelty Free and Paraben Free which is also another great thing about this palette .