Friday 23 June 2017

New Accessories - A Fashion Post

Hello Beauties, I love fashion accessories especialy a good statement necklace . if you have read my last post you will see that I am running my first ever Instagram giveaway which is also a statement necklace and there are some statement rings in the giveaway which I absolutely adore I may have to get them for myself. I ran a poll on twitter and asked you all what you would like to see and a staggering 63% of you said that you would like to see statement necklaces in my giveaway which I thought you might.
The velvet choker in this post is also in my giveaway it's from topshop and it is just stunning I can't wait to wear this .

Topshop had a sale on and I got some lovely pieces for the giveaway and for myself I really like the rose gold choker with the droplets hanging down this is a classic piece of jewellery and I would wear this more for evening with a nice dress or a nice top and jeans .

The other 2 pieces in this photo I got from a relatively new shop called Louvisa aparantly it's an Australian store . I must remember to ask my friend if she has heard of this store or if you are from Australia and have heard of this store please let me know what you think of the brand or if you have bought anything from this store I would love to know what your thoughts are .

I love the necklace that I got from Louvisa it's on a long chain and has these white crystals inside the pendant they did them with black crystals but I definitely prefer this one .
I think the watch it definitely my favourite though with the classic black strap and rose gold face and I love that it says Aint Got Time For That i'm always saying that even my mum said that's one of your phrases and bot of these items were on sale too I was very lucky and timed it right to buy accessories . I only bought them in the first place as I wanted to choose some pieces for the giveaway for Instagram .

If you have not already entered the giveaway please do so by clicking on the raffle copter icon there are a few terms and conditions not many though. As it is a Instagram giveaway you need to be following me on Instagram please like and comment on the photo of the giveaway and put something simple like new follower or anything you like . Also please follow me on twitter and an extra bonus please follow my blog on bloglovin .

I did also get a little bit of make up from top shop I love top shops lipsticks and highlighters and while I was talking to the cashier she actually told me something I wasn't aware of all of top shops make up is made in the exact same factory as mac . Your paying the extra for the mac price tag to be honest i'm not a massive fan of mac make up the majority of make up I have bought from mac I have ended up selling

Thanks for reading ...