Tuesday 13 June 2017

Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette Review - My Thoughts

Hello Beauties, this is a new palette that I got for my collection it is a lovely palette if you like to do a smoky eye you can do a lot of feline looks with this palette . As always too faced have done a excellent job with the packaging it's just stunning .

Like with all eye shadow palettes you get a card that shows you how to create different looks which I think is a nice touch. I think it's nice for beginners to have this in the palette.

This palette if I am being honest is not for me but I did get it for a good price If you are too faced collector like myself this is nice to have in your collection .

For me there are only a couple of shades in this palette that I would wear as I don't like the smoky eye shadow look and the shades are the classic ivory shade which is called meow and the middle shade which is a shimmer it's a gorgeous bronze called tigers eye .

I wish they had put a nice light brown transition shadow I had to use another palette for this meow is a good base shadow as it is a matte ivory shadow and if you have a darker skintone then myself it would make a good brow bone highlight. Another good highlight is the first shadow in the day section which is called purr this is a really nice shimmer brow bone highlight and is nice for the inner corner highlight . There are only 9 shadows in the palette and I would only wear these 3 shadows . I am thinking of selling this palette on my depop page which I will leave a link to incase you want to check out what I am selling My Depop .

Look NO1

I wanted to show you some photos of some looks that I created with this palette I really like this look I think it is my favourite . I have created 3 different looks with this palette so this look I started out on the classic section with the shade purr after I used my mac paint pot in soft ochre. Then I went in with tigers eye which is my favourite eye shadow in the palette such a gorgeous bronze eye shadow I am tempted to keep hold of this palette just because of this eye shadow I just can't justify it. Because this palette doesn't have a crease shadow I used a blusher from the Jaclyn hill palette as it out on my vanity table I would normally use Tiramisui from my too faced merry macaroon eye shadow palette. on the lash line I used leopard which is a dark brown with gold glitters and that gave a nice feline flick and also helped smoke the eye out a bit as well.

Look NO2

This photo was taken today I wanted to try a different look and decide whether I wanted to keep hold of this palette so I did this look which is so different for me I never use colour like before I used the shadow meow from the classic section in the palette then I used tiramisui from the too faced merry macaroons palette and then used the pale blue shadow which is called kitty glitter from the fashion section in the palette which is lovely it's just not for me.

Onto the best bit the swatches .......

Here are the swatches they have all been swatched without a primer so you can see how pigmented the eye shadows are some of them I have had to swatch a couple of times the ones with glitter are a lot drier so they don't swatch as well.

What I like about this palette Is that too faced have added 3 wet and dry eye shadows which are the shades Leopard, Jungle Love and Panther which will make them super pigmented . I have only used them dry and found them to be pigmented especially the black shadow panther.

I think this is a great palette like most too faced palettes are I am glad that I didn't pay the RRP though as I won't get a lot of use from this palette so I will be selling it to someone hopefully that will get more use out of it then I will.

I also like these palettes as you can create a look in 5 minutes there really quick you can create a nice daytime look then smoke it out in the evening .

What do you think have you got this palette would love to know your thoughts on it.