Sunday 14 May 2017

Why I Cancelled My Glossybox and Birchbox

Hello Beauties, this is April's birchbox awhile ago I added 2 new pages to my blog for birchbox and glossybox . I have just cancelled my subscribtion with them both as I want to try a new beauty subscription called Deck of Scarlet.

If you have never heard of Deck of Scarlet they are a eye shadow palette beauty subscription that is curated with the help of you tubers . You get 1 palette sent to you every 2 months .  I think the next palette is out in July so hopefully I will subscribe to that and be able to bring you a review regarding my thoughts on it .

I would have got this months palette but I don't like the eye shadows and lipsticks that come in the palette so for me it would not be worth it . Anyway that is the reason I have cancelled birchbox and glossybox .

By cancelling both of these boxes I can try Deck of Scarlet and see what the hype is around this subscription box and if it's worth the £24 a month. I normally pay £26 for both my boxes so thought this would be best option.

The only thing that is making me think twice about getting this subscription by Deck of Scarlet is that I looked at the reviews on you tube and the only reviews on there were collaborations so you tubers that have been sent these palettes to review on their channel and I would love to just see someone's honest review on this palette before I invested the money in it .

I have loved getting my birchbox and glossyboxes every month but can't justify buying all 3 boxes as it's just too costly.

By me subscribing to Deck of Scarlet that's not me saying I will never subscribe again to birchbox or glossybox because I really did enjoy getting the boxes and testing the products which I'm still using . I have to admit though I liked my birchbox more than my glossybox . Maybe that is more to do with the colourful drawer boxes that birchbox sent out that you can use again for make up storage this one in this photo is particularly pretty .

If you have tried Deck of Scarlet I would love to know your thoughts ....