Monday 15 May 2017

I Won A Givenchy Competition & Forgot That I Entered

Hello Beauties, sometime ago I entered a competition to win the Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara not really expecting to win . I don't really win anything well it looks like luck was on my side on this occasion .

A couple of weeks ago I got a email from Givenchy saying that I had won the mascara and I thought it was a spam email not sure why I thought that as the email address seemed legit. Like I said I never win anything and couldn't even remember entering this competition .

I was so excited to get this mascara it's just so beautiful and luxurious . I mean how nice is the packaging . I have been using this mascara for the last 2 days and I have to say on first impressions I really like it . I will be doing more of a indepth review when I have been using it a little longer maybe at the end of the month .

I am looking forward to testing this mascara out and seeing if it is as good as my Kiko Extra Sculpt & Kiko False Lashes Concentrate Mascara which is the perfect combo for me . I just love Kiko Mascaras and those mascaras are my holy grail.

I have never owned such a luxurious mascara the ones I tend to get are from drugstore or Kiko which aren't expensive . I looked up this Givenchy Noir Black Volume Mascara and it retails for a staggering £25.50 on Debenhams website . I have never paid that amount for a mascara for a lipstick yes never a mascara so lets hope it's good .

Givenchy was also really generous and sent me a gift card for a free consultation and you can use it for make up, skincare or fragrance consultation.

I am not sure where my local Givenchy is there is a number that I can ring and have 6 weeks to use it so I will look into that.

I have a feeling my nearest counter will be in Manchester which is quite a distance and I wouldn't go there just for a make - over so i'll look into this and see if anyone wants to use this instead of me if I can't go In the 6 week deadline.

Givenchy also was very kind and gave me a deluxe sample of their new perfume Live Irresistible it's such a gorgeous scent I have wore this the last couple of days as well. I love getting new perfumes to try . Givenchy is not a brand that I would normally try but this perfume is such a stunning scent and the mascara I am loving using so I definitely want to start looking into the rest of the make up line.

So what do you guys think have you tried Givenchy if so what are your recommendations ?